12th read of 2017

The Three (The Three, #1)

The Three by Sarah Lotz: read 17/1/17 – 20/1/17

Not going to lie, I can see this novel being a love it or hate it kinda thing.
I found this novel to be 5* genius!!!!! a first of 2017 so far! I love the primary concept of the plane crashes and the aftermath, it’s insanely creepy in parts.
Its tough on the depth of its content and some of the themes within the novel. I found the religion, politics and moral opinions tough going. but they add to the characters so so much! After all if a novel has you wanting to punch pastor Len or rolling your eyes at the homophobic opinions then its generated some feelings, you’ve connected to the novel and that makes it not 1* at all.
The characters are well written and I love the style of writing, with it being a collection of emails, statements and transcripts. It gives it a feel of non-fiction style around a fictional event.
The pace is brilliantly done with the novel moving around 3 key places Japan, UK and the USA.
I can see some readers finding the themes tough especially if the novel is read during 2016/2017. Due to current political feeling globally. But it’s a novel and one to be enjoyed aside from connecting it to the real world, as such. This being said I am dying to read the other reviews and see what other readers think of it. That’s when I know the novel has been 5* genius, when I’ll happily wade thro the reviews POST reading the novel!
This would also be a fantastic choice for book groups, as it’s open to so much interpretation!

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