14th read of 2017

Day Four (The Three #2)

Day four by Sarah Lotz: read 21/1/17 – 22/1/17

A stranded cruise liner…… an oddball psychic……… a dead body ……… & ghosts on the ship amongst the passengers!!
This novel is eerie, it has a different writing style to its predecessor. In that this is back to the usual writing style of novels rather than being a collection of documents and transcripts. I preferred the style of the first one.
I love how the book centres around the different passengers on the ship and their struggle to survive and stay sane. None of the characters are particularly likeable, so I’d hate to stuck on this ship!
I am really enjoying this series, even though so far there are no real answers. This is very much one of them novels where the author wants the readers mind to wander and try and theorise what is happening!
I cant wait for the next one! 4*

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