15th read of 2017


Ararat by Christopher Golden (due for release 18th april 2017): read 22/1/17- 25/1/17

*I received a copy via netgalley in return for an honest review.

I wouldn’t usually read about mountaineering, now I am concerned with what I have been missing out on!
The novel centres around a bunch of various specialists within their individual fields. I loved that this group included a mixture of men and women and people of various faiths. The group being diverse gives the plot a realistic/real feel to it. The specialists are exploring mount Ararat and in particular a secret myth that it contains Noah’s Arc within it’s cave systems. The group make a disturbing discovery and find themselves battling an evil entity and eventually themselves.
Their slow descent into turmoil and their focus to add some sense & logic to the situation makes for gripping reading.
The plot also has a very clever ending & I was hugely impressed by this author.
This was my first by this author but definitely wont be my last!
*I tried to read this novel, alone in the dark at 5am, with the room only lit by the light from my kindle and I was genuinely too terrified. lol

5* Genius novel!

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