17th read of 2017

A Room Full of Killers (DCI Matilda Darke, Book 3)

A room full of killers by Michael wood (due for release 17th feb 2017) : read 26/1/17 – 27/1/17

*I received a copy via netgalley in return for an honest review.

Wow! Where to start with this little belter!
Book 3 in the Matilda Darke series.
*Firstly I would say, that I have an autistic son, who has been known to have violent outbursts (usually due to lack of understanding/approach). My biggest fear is that he may do something one day that could lead to some form of juvenile detention. This literally keeps me awake at night!
That being said I chose to read this novel. As the author always writes about sensitive topics extremely well. He always approaches with a sound base of research & understanding. Which he has more than applied here. That novel is dark and has graphic descriptions of violent events in the young men’s lives. But this adds to the authenticity of the plot.
The novel starts with a violent murder within a youth detention centre. The youth detention centre holds 8 inmates who have all committed violent murders themselves. This alone throws up so much discussion and debate, making it perfect for book groups. What makes young men kill? Do they deserve treatment or punishment? How do we feel when they are then themselves the victims of violent crime? What about the families & siblings, do they abandon that family member? Is the media right to hound the young men & label them? The list could go on and on.
The novel has a great opening and if you can handle the theme, then you will be gripped from the prologue & chapter 1. Definitely worth downloading the sample 100%! The location is Sheffield and the writer always expands on issues within the city and makes you feel as though you are in Sheffield with the police team!
I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, It was such a mix of emotions for me. At times I felt incredibly sad for the young men and at times I felt disgusted with their crimes. It is a novel that will invoke emotion and get you thinking but with the subject matter as it is, If it didn’t the author would be failing to get to the bones of the issue of young offenders!
A fantastic 5* read, I wish the author much luck with the novels success on publication.

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