2016 read, newly released

Behind Her Eyes

Behind her eyes by Sarah Pinborough. Read in 2016, released 26th January.

*I received a netgalley copy in return for an honest review.

This was one of my favourite novels of 2016. which also included 13 minutes and the death house. 20 fictional books out of 242 & 3 by this author!
This novel is savvy and I love that the author has kept her unique stamp all over the novels, despite them being differing genres and writing styles. I cant explain how genius it is, that what occurs in the last few pages, that has you wanting to read the whole novel again to see it with it’s new perspective.
* review from book journal in 2016 * After reading a wide range of genres throughout the year I could, typically see this novel slotted into the ‘women’s psychological thriller genre’ and whilst it is on some part. it should also be known it has a unique edge and a mind blowing ending that I could see would appeal to a wide range of readers.
The novel is well written and cleverly constructed, it’s always building pace with revelations and twists. The continual flow of the novel distracts you from attempting to ‘solve’ the ending, however my prediction at 86% in, was completely wrong!
I found the characters compelling, the level of secrecy and manipulation, added to the development of these complex relationships, which are for the most part the basis of the novel. One thing I felt relieved to read was Louise a single mother, very realistic and just trying to get through her own life & problems before she is pulled into David & Adele’s lives. Too often in this genre we see mothers portrayed as either perfection or borderline unstable, I very much liked her character, she’s a realist, sarcastic and a tiny bit flawed, sounds much more like the mothers I know!
I don’t want to write to much into the review, with risk of spoilers, but I would hugely recommend. This was book 199 for me this year and I have read nothing else like it!
Huge credit to the author on a fantastic novel and most definitely yes #wtfthatending 5/5.

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