3rd book of 2017

The Memory Watcher

The memory Watcher By Minka Kent: read 2/1/17 – 4/117

*copy received via instafreebie

I started this novel one night when I had bad insomnia and I read 70% straight through, I guess this answers the question on how gripping this novel is!
We start out following the lives of Autumn & Daphne, whom we go onto discover are the central 2 characters. I didn’t have to read too far to grasp that Autumn wasn’t the full shilling (as my nan would say!). Autumn is essentially not a nice person nor does she appear to have a full grasp on reality, she is obsessed with the life of Daphne’s family and in particular the young daughter Grace. The child has some questionable behaviour herself which adds to the dynamics of the female characters. The novel is one of stalking, obsession and above all mystery & intrigue! The novel builds and builds to a very good and solid ending. An ending I didn’t guess of remotely predict!
I have struggled to decide between 4/5* for my review. As much as this is 5* for the writing and plotting and characterization. I felt that the male characters lacked the depth of their female counterparts. so I will say 4.5* but I will 100% be reading more by the same author!
A solid debut novel of the women’s psychological crime genre!

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