5th read of 2017

The Sibling Connection: How Siblings Shape Our Lives

The Sibling connection by Jane Mersky Leder: read 6/1/17- 6/1/17

*I received a netgalley copy in return for an honest review.

This is a very clever, thought-provoking read! It is written in an easy to read and understand way, not a bunch of psychological terms and references etc.
I was drawn to the book as I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters and have always believed the theory that our siblings shape us as people more than we think they do. This book covered a wide range of topics such as gender, twins, death of a parent, death of a sibling etc. It had a real feel that it was a thought out process. There is most definitely something for everyone or something that has effected everyone.
The book itself is short at just 96 pages but I feel that benefits the reader as I’d find it difficult to read anything longer on such a topics.
Whilst reading it there were moments I laughed out loud at some of the references and the memories they invoke. I also felt very moved when reading about the closeness of siblings during the death of a parent. I would recommend this book to anyone with an interest in the topic! 5*

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