6th read of 2017

Everything but the Truth

Everything but the truth By Gillian Mcallister: read 7/1/17- 8/1/17

*I received a netgalley copy in return for an honest review.

I found the synopsis highly deceptive for this book. As what we are led to believe the protagonist has ‘seen’ something on the ipad and what actually transpires is that she ‘thinks she sees’ something. From this the suspicion and mystery grows. Very quickly what was a potentially brilliant concept becomes mediocre and more a story of a relationship.
There is minor blips in the writing and the internet research is sketchy but it does grip you and pull you into the story. I found the protagonist medical background made for interesting reading but essentially was irrelevant to the main story until the very end.
I think what struck the biggest grievance for me was that it is marketed as thriller/noir/psychological and I did not find this at all, so for that reason I have only given it 2*


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