7th read of 2017


Holding by Graham Norton: read 7/1/17 – 8/1/17

Its unusual for me to, not have heard about a books release. However I didn’t hear about this one until I read Sarah Hardy’s review via bytheletterbookreviews. I’ve long been a fan of Graham Norton and after reading the review decided to buy a copy from amazon. A copy I have very pleased to discover is actually signed!!!!!
The novel opens in the rural farming community of Duneen. This is a atmospheric setting and really adds to the story. Reading on we become acquainted with the central characters of PJ, Evelyn and Brid. PJ is likeable & believable, a grey man type of character. Evelyn suffers from depression due to the despair of her choices in her past. Brid is an alcoholic who it seems has made a lifetime of poor choices. The central theme of the novel is a mystery wrapped in secrets and the characters pasts. I also felt it had an essence of ‘our lives are shaped by the choices we make’ from beginning to end. The writing is very much easy & pleasant, which I could see being misinterpreted as slow but I actually think that it is the hidden beauty of the novel. It doesn’t rely on scaring you, gory crime scenes of fast paced writing. the writing is much more story based and revolves around the characters.
A pleasant 4* read and I look forward to the next one by Graham! 🙂

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