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If I Close My Eyes Now

If I close my eyes now By Edney Silvestre – Read 31/12/16- 1/1/17

This novel is the story of 2 determined young men.
In 1961 Brazil Eduardo & Paulo are 2 young boys who are enjoying a afternoons swim in the lake. When they stumble upon the dead body of a young woman. The young woman is showing signs of a brutal and savage attack and this invokes a determined longing within the boys to solve the case.
The boys are further dismayed when they hear there has been a subsequent confession to the murder. However over discussing how the perpetrator must have been a strong and physically able individual they decide it is a false confession to through suspicion away from the real culprit.

The boys continue their investigation along the way and in turn meet some unusual characters in their search to find justice.
The writing of this is incredibly slow paced with occasionally disturbing graphic details. As if almost to detract from the lack of pace. Yet the characterisation is brilliant and as a reader you do root for the two young boys and their innocent motives behind their actions. I felt that the location/setting could have delivered so much more in terms of being atmospheric etc.

I gave this 3.5*. Its an ok read and I’d be willing to read more from the author in future.

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