If you knew her by Emily Elgar

If You Knew Her by Emily Elgar

If you knew her by Emily Elgar – released 26th January 2017 – 5*

This novel reminded me of some of Tess Gerrisen’s novels, in the sense that it was a medical/crime/thriller. It is most definitely not a police procedural, as the police rarely feature. I think this helped this book stand out at a time when the genre is hugely popular.

The novel revolves around 3 central characters
Anne- the slightly obsessed workaholic nurse that runs ward 9B.
Cassie – the main character & victim of the attack, who is in a coma on ward 9B.
and Frank – A fellow patient on ward 9B, who is suffering from locked-in syndrome (brought on from alcohol abuse).

There is so many themes within this novel, that make it gripping reading. Themes of betrayal, shame of the past, obsession and emotional pain. Some of the medical facts are slightly off, but given its complex nature and intensity, I was happy to glance over them. I have myself in my career cared for someone with locked-in syndrome and it is a very accurate portrayal of the condition. I found the whole whodunit? angle was really ramped up by there being so many potential suspects. I couldn’t & didn’t guess the ending, which is unusual for me. The ending is cracking & I sincerely hope the author has another already in the pipeline?
A fantastic debut novel 5*
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* I received a netgalley copy in return for an honest review.