Violette Szabo – Theme


26th June 1921 – 5th February 1945.

This is Violette Szabo one of my personal heroes. Violette was a SOE agent during ww2. She was a wife, widow, mother & spy. Violette was executed at Ravensbruck Concentration camp on February 5th 1945, just months shy of the end of ww2. She was just 23 year old at that time. Violette was one of the only female spies to receive a medal for her heroic acts during ww2, she received the George Cross. Her story is a fascinating one and I urge anyone who doesn’t know about her to look up her life story.

I have chosen to use my blog to honour Violette’s death by posting every day for a week from the anniversary of her death. 7 posts/books relevant to her life story. There is 4 Fiction and 3 Non-fiction novels on the list planned. The novels will all be written by female ww2 writers.

I have some other themes planned for this blog and of course, I have a plan to feature male writers of ww2 fiction & non-fiction. I will state a disclosure that NONE of my themes will be of a political nature. I simply want to post across the genres and honour some of my personal heroes. I sincerely hope you will enjoy the posts and continue to follow my blog.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts on this theme. It would be awesome to create a blog that is also a form of a virtual book group and offers discussion on issues or themes. Allowing everyone to have their say on book recommendations, authors, genres etc. I sincerely hope it works! I will also continue to post new releases & reviews for novels due to be released, in all genres.