Echoes in death by J.D Robb

Echoes in Death (In Death, #44)

My review:

I thought the idea of an attacker wearing a theatrical devil mask, sounded creepy yet intriguing!
The crimes are horrific and the police procedural elements written very well indeed. For me it was let down by too much psychology. I like a psychological element the who, when’s and whys a criminal orchestrated such violent attack etc. but for me this was repetitive.
Also the description of some of the characters was very weak. race & culture often needs to be described and it adds to the characterisation of the individuals within the plot. however I found ‘he was a skinny black guy’ vague and lazy.
This being said, I can see why some people will love the novel in all it’s entirety & can see it being a popular choice. It was just most definitely not for me! 3*

*I received an ebook copy via netgalley in return for an honest review.