New release: The legacy by Yrsa Sigurdardottir 5*


My review:

In this day and age, what self respecting reader doesn’t love a bit of Scandi, Swedish & Icelandic Noir? I for one am a huge fan! That being said this was my first read by this author. A friend had recommend the author to me and when I saw this available on netgalley. I requested as quick as a flash.

The Novel opens with an intense prologue, it soon centres around a very dark & Violent crime the torture murder of a young mother. The themes within the novel of adoption & childhood psychological damage, work very well together. It had me constantly trying to figure out where all the characters fit into the story. It did have the feel of a police procedural but with the added intrigue of the children’s house, a supportive environment for children at risk of mental health problems. The characters of Freyja the psychologist, Huldar the cop and Margret the child witness are incredibly well written. Not forgetting creepy Karl who gave me the heebee geebies from the first time he is mentioned. The codes to decipher within the novel was very cleverly done!

Many times this novel had chapters that left you on mini cliff-hangers throughout the story. So it kept you gripped and engaged as it moved around the different characters. The ending was brilliant & the conclusion I didn’t guess. I love how the author even saved a last little bit of eerie for the epilogue. Can’t wait to read the next in the series and loved this 5* read!

The legacy is available for pre-order and is released on 23rd March, treat yourself!

*I received a netgalley Ebook copy in return for an honest review.





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