New Release YA: Fir by Sharon Gosling 4*

Fir (Red Eye) by [Gosling, Sharon]

Fir by Sharon Gosling

My review:

I requested this novel from netgalley as every so often there is a YA novel that catches my eye. This appealed to me due to its location and the synopsis had me intrigued. Although I am 33 years old, I have a teen that absolutely loves the YA horror genre.
I found the novel to be a eerie & the descriptions of the location added to this feel of being far from civilisation in the deep north forests of Sweden. The novel builds and builds with tension and mystery, added along the way with some Scandinavian mythology, which I felt created greater depth in the plot. Ultimately building to a creepy ending that left me stunned! 4*
I would hugely recommend to YA fans of horror & mystery novels. Also to readers like myself who are sometime drawn to an intriguing plot in the YA genre.

*I received an Ebook copy via netgalley in return for an honest review.

The blurb:

Moving from Stockholm to an isolated pine plantation in northern Sweden is bad enough, but when the snows come early and all links between the Strombergs and the outside world are cut off, it gets worse. With only a grudging housekeeper and increasingly withdrawn parents for company, there is nothing to do but to explore the old plantation house. Anything to stay out of the endless pine trees pressing in on them. But soon it becomes clear that the danger within the old plantation house is even greater than what lies outside……

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