Review: Hellbound by David mccaffrey 5*


Hellbound by David mccaffrey

My review:

I won a signed copy of Hellbound via a fb event for author Adam Nevill’s latest release ‘under a watchful eye’. This is my honest review.

I don’t know really where to start with this one! It was so strange & weird, yet I totally mean that in the good way! Firstly I tried to work out the genre crime/horror/supernatural/sci-fi but it just felt as though it has taken the best parts from all these genres! Which is insane! At the start I found it difficult to get into but by 50 pages, that drastically changed!! We are slowly introduced to Obadiah Stark (aka the tally man) & we learn of his heinous crimes and that he awaits execution on death row. Yet its neatly/slowly explained by Page 55 there’s a brief mention of Michael Fassbender (love him!) then it all starts kicking off!!!! There is gory murder’s, brutality and blood left, right and centre! (definitely not one to lend your nan!).

I loved the way this novel is written. It is a series of quotes, reports & chapters. I really love it when these rare novels pop up and it always adds to the storytelling. Mostly the novel focuses on Obadiah & what becomes of him. You really have to go with the plot rather than try to figure it out. I found two themes within it fascinating 1) the purgatory theory, he must pay for what he has done and 2) learning about the depths of Obadiah’s psychopathy. I don’t want to write a to detailed review & risk spoilers. But it reminded me of several books & characters, yet it more than stood on its own two feet. There’s a similarity to Obadiah & Dexter from the Jeff Lindsay series. Also a faint ‘shutter island’ feeling. It has a solid ending with a brilliant reference.

So in my opinion a violent, scary & gory well written 5* read!

* Available on amazon kindle for an absolute bargain at 98p 🙂

The Blurb:

His crimes – unforgivable. His death – inevitable. His suffering – just beginning.

Obadiah Stark aka The Tally Man, is executed at ADX Absolom, his death sentence watched by the world’s media, victim relatives and one investigative reporter, Joe O Connell. Penning an account of Stark’s personal history and subsequent crimes in the hope of determining what elements make the sociopathic mind tick, Joe discovers clues and inconsistencies which cause him to investigate Stark’s execution.

While this is happening in the real world, Obadiah Stark awakens to an afterlife where he has a wife and daughter bound to his childhood hometown. Following his natural predatory instinct, Obadiah proceeds to torment the town, committing multiple murders before being gunned down by the police. He awakens to find that everything has reset, with no one recalling his murderous spree a reality which offers no escape. As the scenes repeat, he is forced to submit to emotions he has never experienced before… and with it, a poisonous dose of morality.

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