Iconic Book characters: Admiration, aspirations and infatuation! All time Favourites

It occurred to me lately whilst reviewing a book, how some characters can be so iconic they get stuck in your head. They can cause a wide variety of emotions such as admiration, desire or even out & out hatred! I noticed that: admire them, wannabe them or down right love them seemed to be very popular topics amongst readers.

It covers characters in all the Genres and even real people in non-fiction, after all if the autobiography/ memoir doesn’t bring the person to life……….what will? I’ve often seen popular characters mentioned from the Mr Darcy to the Christian greys of female admiration. With some novels like George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones you could debate which ones you love/hate/admire/relate to into the small hours! After all who doesn’t want to be Daenerys Targaryen aka the mother of dragons!!!

It’s not just women readers or female characters either. I noticed that novels, that are aimed at male readers (I am huge fan of this genre also!) often feature macho characters or male characters with superior intellect. The female characters of Game of Thrones are also very diverse yet they are all overtly beautiful etc. Melisandre is my husband’s favourite lol



One thing I absolutely love about this, is you can admire people from all walks of life and throughout any era in history. When I started this blog, I immediately named it after Anne Bonny the female pirate. Due to me childhood love for Treasure island! Anyway here are some of my other favourites let me know what you think?

(and I would love to hear the favourites of other people on comments on fb, twitter or the blog itself)

Here goes, in no particular order:


1) Ezekiel ‘easy’ Rawlins – Walter Mosley’s Easy Rawlins series – Cool Character.

Easy Rawlins is a WW2 veteran turned private eye. The novels start in 1950’s LA. What I love about Easy is that everything about him, from his name, dialogue, attitude etc is just so cool! I think he’s one of thee most iconic characters I’ve ever read.


2) Cersei Lannister -George RR Martin – Game of Thrones – evil genius Character

If I had to pick a favourite Game of Thrones character………surprisingly mine would be…..Cersei! I love her! I know she is mean, nasty, vicious and an all out book bitch! But I love her! I loved her in the books & I love the character played out by Lena Headey in the TV series too.


3) Kunta Kinte – Alex Haley – Roots –

When I first read roots by Alex Haley I found it to be heart breaking reading. I couldn’t stop talking about the novel, so much so that my husband got the new version of the TV series to watch himself. Kunta Kinte is incredibly moving, in that he was a real person. Captured as a young man, forced into a harsh life of slavery. This is an incredible real of an even more incredible person. I’m not sure if iconic is the right wording but I simply feel this will be one persons life story……..I will never forget!


4) Leo Demidov – Tom Rob Smith – Child 44 trilogy – Heart throb Character

Wow! Don’t even know where to start! Lets just say that for me personally…………..before there was Ross Poldark……….there was Leo! I’d like to be able to shrug it off as a Tom Hardy thing, but it really isn’t. I read the entire trilogy in a weekend and have only recently seen the movie! I was absolutely hooked on Leo. I was all set to pack my bags for communist Russia lol Even now, with all the books I’ve read recently………….Sadly no one has ever compared to Leo 😦


5) Anne Bonny –

Slightly cheating, as she’s not a book character, she was a real life female pirate! Black sails the TV series loosely based around Treasure Island, has adapted her character & other real life Pirates into their series!  ‘AHAR ME HEARTIES’

Please le me know your favourites
Loves, hate, icons, memorable, factual, fiction, your Top 5!  🙂











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