Qasim Rashid is an author of three non-fiction books which detail key issues in todays society. Whether UK, USA or Europe. These issues of race, religion and persecution are visible in our daily lives. One day I grew sick and tired of my only option being to blindly follow what the media or peoples opinions told me! I wanted to learn about Islam and the religious persecution Muslims face in not only the west but within Muslim countries.

I decided what better to do than ask a Muslim, except I live on a tiny channel island with few Muslims and unfortunately no local Mosque. So I looked to books (as always!), I think I actually googled “talk to a Muslim” up popped Qasim Rashid. This is now quite sometime ago. However with my new-ish blog I wanted to feature all the authors who made it to my favourite books of 2016 list. I signed up to Qasim’s Facebook & Twitter feed and he regularly keeps people up to date on events, news, changing polices relevant to the message of his books. Qasim is often a spokesperson for his community on American news channels. Through engaging in conversations on social media on Qasim’s page I now have a new wealth of new friends from Ghana to Pakistan to Germany to Indonesia and not forgetting Muhammed from London!

Qasim is a fascinating man himself, he is an American Lawyer working for an organisation that specialises in women’s rights. He has proven time and time again that he is intelligent, honest and fair. But don’t take my word for it, read his books and follow his pages! *Qasim has agreed to a Q&A on my blog, however his work schedule is crazy busy! So as soon as he gets chance, I will post 🙂

wrong kind of muslim cover

The Wrong Kind Of Muslim: An Untold Story Of Persecution & Perseverance by Qasim Rashid 5* Genius

The Synopsis:

The Wrong Kind of Muslim is a call to unite those of all faiths and of no faith in the struggle for universal freedom of conscience. Since 9/11, terrorists in Pakistan have killed over 40,000—and counting. Often risking his own life, Qasim Rashid journeys into the heart of that terrorism to unearth the untold story of those silenced by Taliban suicide bombings, secret police torture, and state sponsored religious persecution. Rashid exposes the horrifying truth about growing radicalism in Pakistan and its impact on Western security. But most importantly, Rashid uncovers the inspiring untold story of millions fighting back—and winning.

My Review:

“We try to win hearts” – This book WILL win your heart

I bought this book to gain some insight into the Muslim faith & educate myself on the issues that affect the different sects of Islam. We can no longer rely on the media for educational facts, as they pursue their own agendas, irrespectively of the damage this causes. So evidently books like this become a great source of insight. I am a non-Muslim, so my knowledge of Islam is pretty limited and prior to reading this book, my knowledge of the Ahmadi community was non-existent. This book is so much more than an insight into the Ahmadi faith, Qasim champions the rights of ALL faiths and is quite honest & frank about the failings in Pakistan and the oppression and danger this poses to its own society. The book is written intelligently and with reference to the facts that can easily be verified. Qasim has crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s, which is exclusively important in non-fiction & more so under the current unfortunate climate of islamophobia. I would recommend this book to anyone hoping to gain some knowledge, because I started like that and ended up swept away with the chapters. The book contains chapters that make for difficult reading but above all, the message of hope & freedom of expression flows off every page.

On chapter 19 Qasim quotes the Ahmadi leader Mirza Nasir Ahmad in saying “we try to win hearts”. Well with this book Qasim definitely won mine. I have made a promise to myself to share this book with as many people I can, to pass on the message and read more books like it. I have already purchased another of Qasim’s books and I anticipate that in the future, his name will be held with huge praise & admiration of a great Muslim who paved the way for peace. 5*
(written 16th April 2016)
The Wong Kind Of Muslim is currently only £2.39 on Kindle Ebook .

talk to me cover

Talk To Me: Changing The Narrative On Race, Religion and Education by Qasim Rashid 5*

The synopsis:

Talk To Me: Changing the Narrative on Race, Religion, & Education is a non-fiction memoir on how the power of dialogue can overcome racism, xenophobia, misogyny, and violence. It is the real life story of how ordinary Americans are rising above the forces that seek to drive us apart, and instead finding paths to peace and understanding. Talk To Me gives these powerful stories of struggle from race and faith minorities the platform they deserve, and demonstrates that our differences are not a source of discord and division—they’re a source of strength and recognition.

Step out of your comfort zone and take the time to Talk To Me.

My Review:

The message is one of simplicity “love for all, hatred for none”.

This is an educational book that I would like to see in school or educational settings. Qasim breaks down many barriers with his fantastic writing and deep understanding of race, religions and cultures. I have followed Qasim’s fb page for some time and have also read his other novel the wrong kind of Muslim. Qasim is a true spokesperson for humanity. This is not a book by a Muslim for Muslims. this is a book for people from all walks of life. Each chapter carry’s a different message, sometimes written by contributors. some are incredibly moving & heart breaking. In particular, a chapter near the end details the prejudice Qasim faced himself at a book fair. simply trying to get his message out, he is insulted & vilified but he responds in true Qasim ahmadi style with “love for all hatred for none” 5*
(written 31st July 2016)
*Talk To Me is available at just £2.07 on Kindle Ebook store.

Qasim Rashid’s Contact details:


Twitter: @MuslimIQ


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