New Release Review: Girl In Disguise by Greer Macallister

girl in disguise GM

Girl In Disguise by Greer Macallister 4.5*

The synopsis:

A new novel from the USA Today Bestselling author of The Magician’s Lie 

“Electrifying…a rollicking nineteenth-century thrill ride.”  —Amy Stewart, New York Times bestselling author of Girl Waits with Gun

Inspired by the real story of investigator Kate Warne, this spirited novel follows the detective’s rise during one of the nation’s times of crisis, bringing to life a fiercely independent woman whose forgotten triumphs helped sway the fate of the country.

With no money and no husband, Kate Warne finds herself with few choices. The streets of 1856 Chicago offer a desperate widow mostly trouble and ruin—unless that widow has a knack for manipulation and an unusually quick mind. In a bold move that no other woman has tried, Kate convinces the legendary Allan Pinkerton to hire her as a detective.

Battling criminals and coworkers alike, Kate immerses herself in the dangerous life of an operative, winning the right to tackle some of the agency’s toughest investigations. But is the woman she’s becoming—capable of any and all lies, swapping identities like dresses—the true Kate? Or has the real disguise been the good girl she always thought she was?

My Review:

I absolutely loved this novel, I found the era captivating and the description historically relevant.
The novel begins in 1856, in Chicago where we meet the fantastically written Kate Warne. Kate desires to become a Pinkerton agent and the first few chapters detail her introduction into the agency itself.
The characters are well written, in particularly Kate, you root for her in every investigation. The reader wants Kate to prove a worthy detective and she delivers in every case.
The novel isn’t centred around one specific case and instead is cleverly written as a reflective account of Kate’s life as an agent and the many cases she and the team worked on.
I found this novel to be hugely gripping and my only complaint would be that it was not intended to be a series! I would have loved a Kate Warne series!
I would recommend to readers who enjoy historical fiction and historical crime novels. I would also recommend to advanced YA readers, as I felt my daughter (13) would enjoy this novel as well.
I would rate this book 4.5/5

*I received an Ebook copy via netgalley in return for an honest review.

I wish The author much success with the release of this novel 🙂