Review: Hex by Thomas Olde Huevelt 4*


Hex by Thomas Olde Heuvelt

The synopsis:

Whoever is born here, is doomed to stay until death. Whoever comes to stay, never leaves.

Welcome to Black Spring, the seemingly picturesque Hudson Valley town haunted by the Black Rock Witch, a seventeenth-century woman whose eyes and mouth are sewn shut. Blind and silenced, she walks the streets and enters homes at will. She stands next to children’s beds for nights on end. So accustomed to her have the townsfolk become that they often forget she’s there. Or what a threat she poses. Because if the stitches are ever cut open, the story goes, the whole town will die.

The curse must not be allowed to spread. The elders of Black Spring have used high-tech surveillance to quarantine the town. Frustrated with being kept in lockdown, the town’s teenagers decide to break the strict regulations and go viral with the haunting. But, in so doing, they send the town spiraling into a dark nightmare.

My review:

Every so often I liked to immerse myself into a horror novel. I don’t scare easy when it comes to horror movies, but will admit that novels usually get into my head and I can’t get them out! This book was actually a mother’s day gift, from my kids, so I am not quite, sure what that says about my parenting! (Gonna go with excelling! Lol) It terrified me on a level, that my kids can feel very proud of! Also I look forward to my birthday book buys this August, now my kids have completely gone to the dark side!

This novel centres around the town of Black Spring, in the USA. The locals are a mixed bag, shall we say and their backstory’s are intriguing. Black Spring isn’t like anywhere else in the USA, as Black Spring has a very dark, dark secret…………. The Black Rock Witch, aka Katherine Van Wyler is a 17th century witch. Presenting as a Hagrid ghost, with her mouth and eyes sewn up! Yes, that’s her mouth and eyes sewn up! *scared face* She roams Black Spring entering the locals lives and homes, as she pleases!

Why don’t the leave? Exorcise her? Are all questions that flew around my head too. However, Thomas Olde Heuvelt has an answer for all of these questions and they are all equally terrifying! It is very cleverly written in that sense that the writer has thought of all possibilities, that the reader will ask themselves. Yet they are delivered within the flow of the story and relevant to the plot.

The characters from Black Spring develop throughout the novel. It’s when the local teens, start rebelling against the rules that things to really get dark, oh so very dark! Which builds to a traumatising ending for all involved. One thing is for certain, the people of Black Spring, will never be the same again! (nor, perhaps you the reader. You have been warned!)

*highly recommend for fans of the horror genre, or anyone who wants to be scared senseless!!!

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