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Baby Dear by Linda Huber

The synopsis:

Baby Dear: a gripping psychological thriller

Caro and Jeff Horne seem to have it all until they learn that Jeff is infertile. Caro married Jeff because her biggest wish was to be a mother, and he had the means to give their children a better life than she’d had. Jeff, who is besotted with Caro, is terrified he will lose her now they can’t have a baby.

Across town, Sharon is eight months pregnant and unsure if she really wants to be a mother. Soon her world will collide with Jeff’s. He wants to keep Caro happy and decides that getting a baby is the only way.

Then Caro is accidently drawn into an underworld of drugs…

Meanwhile, Jeff is increasingly desperate to find a baby – but what lengths is he prepared to go to?

Is Sharon in danger, and will Caro ever have the family she’s always dreamed of?

My review:

I originally wanted to read this due to its themes of infertility, but it is so much more than that. It deals with the complexity of those characters involved and the fragility of their mental health due to the continued frustration with being unable to conceive. The characters are not always likeable but they do take you on a journey, a journey of self-destruction that reaches breaking point!

Caro and Jeff are a married couple, who in the opening of the book, learn that Jeff’s sperm count is virtually non-existent. Caro is a difficult woman to like, driven by a selfish desire to always get her own way and having achieved those things materialistically, she will stop at nothing to ‘acquire’ a baby. Jeff is infatuated with his wife and the inability to give her what she needs most, torments him! This is one very determined young couple……….

Across town Sharon is reaching the 9th month of her pregnancy, she is apprehensive of what motherhood will bring and the changes it will make to her relationship with husband Craig. When she is befriended by Sharon, a mother herself, it eases her burdens. However, they are all unprepared for the drama that will unfold in the weeks to come, which will build to a catastrophic event that will impact, on all their lives!

This is another novel that due to its themes and characters I could see being ideal for book groups and debate amongst readers. How far would you go, to get what your heart desires the most?

Linda Huber
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