Q) For the readers, can you talk us through your background and the synopsis of your new novel?

A) I’ve always been a writer, from early grade school and all through college, but when I decided on a profession, I chose teaching. Being an educator didn’t change how I felt about historical romance though and I’ve read hundreds of novels with simpering females to know someday I wanted to write a romance differently.

My new Bastards of London series is a good example of that goal. Not only are the heroes strong and defiant, but so are the heroines. Sometimes it’s the heroines who rescue the hero, from himself, harm or poor judgement. My heroines are determined and intelligent and you’ll find that in all of my novels, most especially the gritty, edgier setting of this series.

Q) Can you talk us through the journey from idea to writing to publication?

A) My brain must be 75% imagination because I have so many ideas screaming to be heard, it gets very noisy at times. I usually have a scene, piece of dialogue or plot twist which motivates the story. I’m a pantser (flying by the seat of my pants) not a plotter, so I go wherever the characters lead me.

Once I have a strong beginning, the writing usually comes in pieces. I like to write my scenes in order, so I may take a few days away from my manuscript if I’m having trouble figuring something out.

Once I’ve finished, I send it to HarperCollins for editorial edits, then copy-edits, until publication.

Q) What are your favourite authors and recommended reads?

A) I love Regency romance and rarely step away from the genre so my favourite authors represent iconic historical romance: Lisa Kleypas, Sherry Thomas and Loretta Chase. I recommend every historical Kleypas and Thomas have written. Kleypas has written some of the finest and most clever stories through decades of her career and Thomas’ novels will make your heart squeeze with emotion. Chase’s Silk is for Seduction is another gem, fast-paced, sizzling passion and clever dialogue.

Q) What were your childhood/teenage favourite reads?

A) I read everything I could, history, poetry, romance and adventure. I loved (still do) Alice in Wonderland, Pippi Longstocking, Ann of Green Gables and as I got older, all of Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson and Poe.

Q) What has been your favourite moment of being a published author?

A) My absolute favourite moment would have to be when I received my first email from a reader who wasn’t a family member or friend. That email made everything real. People buy my books. Read my books. Enjoy my stories! I’m thankful to have had many wonderful writing experiences, but that first email is on the top of the list.

Q) Who has been your source of support/encouragement, throughout the writing process?

A) My mom is my source of support and encouragement for every aspect of my life. Otherwise, I think my belief and determination have served me as the greatest source of support. You must believe in yourself above all else.

*Thank you for taking part in the Q&A on my blog, I wish you every success with your writing career.

Anabelle Bryan

Anabelle Bryant is the bestselling author of nine historical romances for Harlequin/HarperCollins. Her love of writing keeps her busy in front of her laptop when not in front of a classroom. Into the Hall of Vice is the latest novel in the Bastards of London series, a quartet set in the grittier side of Regency. Visit AnabelleBryant.com and see what she’d up to on Facebook and Twitter.

Authors Links:
Website: http://www.anabellebryant.com
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnabelleBryantAuthor
Twitter: @AnabelleBryant
YouTube Channel: http://bit.ly/1r0TjsY
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/anabellebryant/

AB: Thanks so much!!

#BastardsOfLondon Series:


#1 – The Den Of Iniquity
#2 – Into The Hall Of Vice
#3 – The Last Gamble (available for pre-order) released 11/08/17

I believe these covers are insanely eye catching! They beautifully summarise the era, setting and themes of the novels! #ThoseCovers #ThatCover 🙂

#1 The Den Of Iniquity – Synopsis:

Welcome to the most notorious address in London…

Beneath the airs and graces of the Ton lies The Underworld – London’s most scandalous gambling hall.

The only thing darker and more debauched that the hall itself? The proprietor, Max Sinclair. As mysterious as the corners of the city he stalks, Max has vowed to take revenge against the men who murdered his mother. And The Underworld attracts London’s darkest characters – the perfect partners in crime.

But when Lady Vivienne Beaumont enters The Underworld, Max’s life becomes more dangerous than he ever thought possible.

Enter a world of lust, lawlessness and obsession with The Den of Iniquity, the first in Anabelle Bryant’s Bastards of London series.

Available via kindle for just £1.99

#2 Into The Hall Of Vice – Synopsis:

As joint owner of London’s most notorious gambling hall, The Underworld, Cole Hewitt spends his days surrounded by wealth – and looks every inch the debonair.

But, unknown to most, he was born a bastard – and knows better than anyone the fine line between the elite and the slums.

When he falls for the beautiful Lady Gemma Amberson, sister to the Duke of Kent, Cole knows that his past means he will never be considered worthy of her. But Cole has no intention of being cast aside again.

But Cole’s attraction to Gemma hasn’t gone unnoticed – and there are those who wish to thwart his plans, for the darkest of reasons. Cole may be used to getting his own way. But the question is: how far will he go to get it?

Available via kindle for just £1.99

#3 The Last Gamble – synopsis:

As one of the owners of London’s most infamous and scandalous gambling hall, The Underworld, Luke Reese looks like a man who has it all.

But underneath his swagger lies a pain which no amount of liquor, women or card games can ease. Because, nine months ago, Luke’s son was stolen by his half-brother, Lord Dursley.

Luke knows the agony of growing up without a family, and he will not allow his son to suffer the same fate. So when evidence leads him to Coventry and a mysterious governess named Georgina, Luke doesn’t hesitate in tracking her down.

But nothing is ever as simple as it seems in the London ton. And soon, Luke is facing his most dangerous gamble yet.

Dare he risk losing his heart to find his son?

Available for pre-order via kindle, due for release 11th August 2017.



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