The One That May Smile Blog Tour (1)
That One May Smile by Valerie Keogh


When Kelly Johnson’s husband disappears, her perfect world in the Foxrock suburb of Dublin falls apart. Then she stumbles on a dead body in the graveyard behind her house.
A coincidence? Garda Sergeant Mike West thinks so until he finds a link between the dead body and Kelly’s missing husband.
And then to add to the problem, Kelly disappears.
The investigation takes West first to Cornwall and then to Cork, on the trail of a tangled case involving identity theft, blackmail and illegal drugs. And as if the complications of the case weren’t enough there is the constant, irritating – and definitely unsuitable – attraction, to the beautiful Kelly, who will keep disappearing!.
Close Ranks the next installment of the Garda West novels is now available.

Guest post:

English by any other name!

It should be easy for me, I live in England, speak English and write in English. But I’m from Ireland, Dublin to be precise, where we speak what is known as Hiberno-English. We pronounce words slightly differently with a softer pronunciation of ‘t’ and ‘d’. But it is our idiom where we differ most.

So I can’t have any of my characters acting the maggot, they have to settle for being annoying. Nor can they be stroppy, they’ll have to be argumentative.

My characters can’t go for a kip they need to go for a sleep. And if, God forbid, they should live in a kip, I’ll have to settle for saying they live in a dive.

They’ll need to put their dishes into the kitchen cupboard rather than the kitchen press and if the washing machine is banjaxed, it’s simply broken down.

When one character meets another, he’ll say, ‘Anything new?’ instead of ‘Anything strange?’ or ‘What’s the craic?’ or ‘How’s it going?’

Children have to be naughty, not bold. Me ma, has to be my mother, and me da, my father.

Luckily for me, my editor is English. Many of the comments she writes start with – I don’t know this one, it must be an Irish one. And yes, it usually is.

It’s hard, I’ve been using the same words and phrases for donkey’s years ( a long time) and it’s gas (funny) that I have to change but I’d be an eejit (idiot) not to as my readers are important to me. Sometimes, I chance my arm (take a risk) and leave a word or phrase in. Amn’t I (Aren’t I) right?

Valerie Keogh

Valerie Keogh
Authors Links:
Twitter: @ValerieKeogh1

*The novel is available via #KindleUnlimited or for the bargain price of just 99p!
Happy reading 🙂

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