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Nemesister by Sophie Jonas-Hill


An American Gothic thriller of deception and obsession, slicked in sweat and set in the swamps of Louisiana.

It’s a psychological mystery where the female protagonist stumbles into a deserted shack with no memory but a gun in her hand. There she meets an apparent stranger, Red, and the two find themselves isolated and under attack from unseen assailants.

Barricaded inside for a sweltering night, cabin fever sets in and brings her flashes of insight which might be memory or vision as the swamp sighs and moans around her.

Exploring in the dark she finds hidden keys that seem to reveal her identity and that of her mysterious host, but which are the more dangerous – the lies he’s told her, or the ones she’s told herself?

My review:

Nemesister is #1 in the Crooked Little Sisters series. Chapter one opens to a chaotic scene, when an unknown woman stumbles into a fishing shack wielding a gun. She has no recollection of whom she is and why she is there, let alone why she is armed…..

The novel is set in the US, in particular in Louisiana, which adds to the setting and the phrases/accents of the characters. It has a gothic feel in that whilst you are reading it, you’re constantly on edge…..

The unknown woman is quickly met with a man known as Red. They are 40 miles from civilisation, no phones, no electric in the shack and dead cell phone battery’s. With Red’s truck on the blink, it quickly becomes apparent that the woman must spend the night at the shack and await rescue from Red’s brother the following day. A scene which stirs memories form many horror movies. Is she safe? Will harm come to her? What are Red’s intentions?

However, the unnamed woman struggling with her injuries and failing to find some form of logical reason as to why she is there in the first place, becomes defensive and on edge. Who is she? She has a constant angry, almost aggressive side and I began to wonder should Red fear her, more than she, him…………

Red names the woman Margarita and the consistent power struggle between the two intensifies. Whilst Margarita also begins to recover fragments of her memory. Then Margarita finds a key and some printed emails that she believes may help her solve the mystery.

“Tell me who you love, I thought and I’ll tell you who you are”

The mystery involved is far too complex, for me to be able to break down in a review, without leaving spoilers. I will however say that it has a whole pulp fiction style spin, around the tale of the scorpion and the frog. The childhood proverb of the scorpion asking the frog to help him make his way across the stream etc. but who is the frog and who is the scorpion and can any of us ever truly change our nature…….
You will have to read Nemesister to find out!

*Nemesister is released today and is available free to Kindle unlimited members!

Happy publication day to the author Sophie Jonas-Hill 🙂