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The Art Of Fear by Pamela Crane


A dead father, a sex-trafficked daughter, and a cunning killer hiding deadly talents in apparent suicide.

From award-winning author Pamela Crane comes a terrifying tale of small-town secrets and murder.

Ari Wilburn’s life ended long ago—the day she let her little sister die in a tragic accident. Crippled with self-blame and resented by her parents, Ari stumbles through life…and into an unlikely clue that casts doubt on whether the death was accidental.

A psychological wreck, Ari joins a suicide support group where she meets Tina, a sex-enslaved escapee who suspects foul play in her father’s death. In a pursuit of justice, Tina drags Ari into playing a dangerous game with the killer.

Faced with a murderous wake-up call, and desperate to salve her conscience, Ari’s investigation fuels the killer’s desire to see her dead.

Will Ari find closure and stop a killer, or make those she loves suffer?

My review:

This novel opens up and you are instantly thrown right into the pace, this novel is set at. It is dark, violent and at times, depraved! There are multitude of characters, to get your head around, so make sure you pay attention. You have been warned!

The first character we fully get to know is Ari, she is wallowing in grief, due to the death of her sister Carli. Ari is awash with self-blame and I felt this was mainly due to her mother’s complete and utter rejection of her. Her mother so desperate for justice appears to have made Ari the target of her anger! I found this very emotive to read, you instantly feel sympathy for her situation and empathy for her own self-blame.

Ari set up the Triad Suicide support group, doe to battling her own demons within. This group is a mixture of awkward young people, battling their issues with little in the way of support and guidance from outside the group. At the group, a new member arrives in the form of Tina Alvarez, who has recently been bereaved herself. Her father having committed suicide, leaving her to find the body. But Tina doesn’t believe it was suicide and Tina wants answers…….

The unlikely pair form a ‘soul sister’ bond, on the basis of their shared pain and experiences and set out to investigate Tina’s fathers suicide. With some minor assistance from Detective Moody. But this will not prove easy, because the Alvarez family harbour, some deep dark, dark secrets………..

I felt this novel had a Thelma and Louise feel to it and would also appeal to the older YA market. Recommended! 4*

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Pamela Crane
Author bio:

Pamela Crane is a professional juggler. Not the type of juggler who can toss flaming torches in the air, but a juggler of four kids, a writing addiction, a horse rescuer, and a book editor by trade. She lives on the edge (ask her Arabian horse about that—he’ll tell you all about their wild adventures while trying to train him!) and she writes on the edge. Her characters and plots are her escape from the real world of dirty diapers and cleaning horse stalls, and the masochist in her thrives off of hurting her characters to create an entertaining tale.

She is the author of several best-selling and award-winning thrillers. To pick up a copy of a FREE book and other prizes, or to find out more about her chaotic existence, visit her website at







One thought on “#BlogTour 4* #Review #TheArtOfFear by #PamelaCrane @TAsTPublicity

  1. I’m literally gushing right now, Anne! Thank you so much for this encouraging review that reminds me of why writing is more than just a passion for me, but something I love sharing with readers. Thank you from my humble heart. 🙂


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