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The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond

The synopsis:

It’s the perfect wedding gift.

Newlyweds Jake and Alice are offered membership of a club which promises members will never divorce.

Signing The Pact seems the ideal start to their marriage.

Until one of them breaks the rules.

Because The Pact is for life.

And its members will go to any lengths to ensure nobody leaves . . .

My review:

Oh what a corker of a read! A complex psychological thriller based on relationships and in particular, the institution that is marriage. This is definitely a novel that you need to go with…….
Allow yourself to become immersed in the story page by page and not try to add rationality into the themes. I am thinking along the lines of ‘A Handmaids Tale’ guide to a healthy marriage!

Jack and Alice are the picture perfect couple. Alice is a junior associate lawyer and Jack a renowned and experienced counsellor. The world it would seem, is their oyster! They begin their journey towards marriage taking a very practical stance on how they will build their lives together. But are they as picture perfect as they portray?

Jack is the main protagonist of the novel and we see things from his point of. The basis of the plot begins on their wedding day. Alice has no family and is grieving for her father when Jack proposes. Jack’s desire to ‘keep her’ and Alice’s desire to have some form of family play a huge part in their impending nuptials. Alice invites a client from work, the elusive Liam Finnegan and his wife Fiona. They present Jack and Alice with a mysterious gift!

The gift is a wooden box with a handwritten note
“Alice and Jack, know this: the pact will never leave you”.
Alarm bells instantly started ringing for me, no, nope, no way etc. but when I thought about various organisations such as the free masons, religions and scientology etc. I thought how educated people join these organisations every day, they must do, for them to exist within our society. These organisations often have a code of conduct by which to live by. So I allowed myself to let The Pact, tell its story.

The Pact, is a strict organisation that is contractually based. It has its own manual that contains 5 key parts: our mission, rules of procedure, Laws of the pact, consequences and arbitration. There is an in-depth explanation of the formation of The Pact but its main aims are to bring the principles of British law to the institution of marriage via: community, encouragement and structure. Jack and Alice are given the advice, memorise the manual, which they take far too flippantly.

Jack and Alice are very different in their personalities and it soon becomes clear that the The Pact will prove difficult for one of them to follow. The manual they greet, with both fascination and repulsion. The simple rules of buying thoughtful gifts, trips away and glamorous parties are easy. But the punishments inflicted offer a more sinister side to the whole agenda.

Within a few short weeks Alice finds herself fitted with GPS tracking device for observation purposes. Jack meets old flame JoAnne at one of the parties, whom tries her best to discreetly warn him against The Pact. With the warning
“no one leaves alive, that is”
paranoia sets in………….

Fear, control, threats, collusion and mind games galore! The Pact will be huge for fans of the psychological thriller genre. It also offers up, much food for thought. What matters most true love or adhering to the pact at all costs?

#NoOneLeaves 4.5*

Michelle Richmond
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