From The Shadows by Neil White


Mary Kendricks, a smart, pretty, twenty-four-year-old teacher, has been brutally murdered.

Robert Carter stands accused of killing her.

According to Mary’s friends, Robert watched her, harassed her, stalked her.

But did he kill her?

Dan Grant is Robert’s lawyer. He and his investigator Jayne Brett have two weeks before Robert Carter goes to trial. Two weeks to prove whether or not he killed Mary.

Together they will get to the truth – whatever the cost . . .

My review:

From The Shadows is the perfect mix of crime fiction, legal thriller and ultimately the choices people make that impacts their lives. I have long been a fan of the authors writing style and whilst this may differ from his other work, it is just as good!

Dan Grant, defence lawyer and Jayne Brett, private investigator are the unlikely duo faced; with the monumental task of prime suspect Robert Carter’s, defence in just two weeks. A case the no one wants and appears to be doomed to fail.

The chapters and scenes that depict the stalking from the voyeurs, point of view, are eerie and gave me the shivers. The very idea of being watched, stalked and followed, is seriously creepy. But the writing sets the pace for the nature of the plot and how it will all unravel.

Robert Carter doesn’t do himself any favours. He appears as a loner, who becomes infatuated with various women, despite having a wife and young daughter at home. He admits to being at the scene of the crime and a bloody finger print is used as evidence against him. He is a hopeless man, with a hopeless case and the odds are stacked against him! But there is something Dan just can’t let go, what if Carter didn’t do it?

The evidence and testimony is conflicting and with several external characters coming across as suspicious. I was forced to ask myself, is Dan on to something here? Is Carter innocent?

To find out the further details of the case, the suspect and the lawyer determined to make a difference. You will have to buy the novel. 4*

Neil White
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