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Look For Her by Emily Winslow

Annalise Wood has haunted the town of Lilling near Cambridge for decades. She went missing in 1976 and although her body was later found, the investigation went cold with no one held responsible. The memory of her and the grief and speculation surrounding her disappearance are engrained in the community.

Forty years on, another young woman stokes her obsession with Annalise, believing that sharing a name with the dead girl has forged a bond between them. When DNA evidence linked to the Annalise Wood murder comes to light, detectives Morris Keene and Chloe Frohmann re-examine the case, picking apart previous assumptions and finding sinister connections to a recent drowning.

With her trademark skill in weaving together multiple perspectives and voices, Emily Winslow paints a complex and compelling portrait of a cold case that is far from dead and buried.

My review:

This novel is very complex with many twists and revelations. I did at times, find the narratives confusing and the assumed names hard to keep track of. But this novel offers an insight into the murky world of cold cases and how secrets stay buried in the past.

The novel opens with Annalise Williams attending a counselling session with Dr Ambrose. Annalise is manipulative and scheming character that I took an instant dislike to. But I wanted to know what she is constantly trying to manipulate those around her. In the session she relates the story of missing teen Annalise Woods. Who having gone missing in 1976, is cause for much gossip and speculation. The body was later recovered in 1992, but this only added to the mystery. The case was never solved and Annalise informs her therapist she was in-fact named after the missing young girl. I found these extremely creepy and morbid. But to be completely honest, so is Annalise herself, so it is in fitting, with her storyline.

When new DNA evidence is discovered, Morris Keene and Chloe Frohmann are called in to re-investigate. The case is largely based on rumours and with it being 40yrs old, it leads to dead end after dead end. But Morris and Chloe, refuse to give up! The police officers are likeable but I longed for more detail about them and there was merely snippets of information of the past. We learn there is a rift between the two, due to Morris’s daughter Dora. However, this is never fully revealed.
Which leads the readers to conjure their own opinions on what happened.

The case develops at a slower pace with it being a cold case investigation. With people having passed away or moved on etc. Then a woman appears claiming to be Annalise Wood’s daughter and we discover this case is much trickier than we the reader predicted.
When the truth is finally revealed, it was not what I imagined and I was genuinely surprised with the ending!

This novel would appeal to fans of mystery novels and those whom enjoy novels set around cold case investigations.
The one piece of advice I can give you, if you read this is trust no one! 4*

Emily Winslow
Authors Links:
Website: http://emilywinslow.com/
Twitter: @emilycwinslow
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/516065.Emily_Winslow
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/emilywinslow.author

*Look For Her is released today! Happy publication day to the author and I wish her much success with her novels release!*

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