Answers From Heaven by Theresa Cheung & Claire Broad

Answers from Heaven is for anyone who has ever wondered if there is an afterlife and if it is truly possible to contact the spirit world.

In this compelling book, Sunday Times bestselling author Theresa Cheung and medium Claire Broad share the fascinating true stories of ordinary people who have experienced direct communication from the spirit world, and those who have received proof of survival through a reading with Claire.

Answers from Heaven outlines the many different ways that heaven may answer our prayers, offer us comfort and provide proof of survival, and includes:
– The top ten afterlife signs
– What near-death experiences can tell us
– The meaning of visions and dreams
– The importance of intuition and coincidence
– Advice on visiting a medium

As well as examining the ways in which messages can come to us from the other side, Answers from Heaven outlines the latest scientific research on the afterlife and mediumship, and helps shed light on one of the most important questions about human experience – what happens after we die? It also shares the practical steps we can all take to become more attuned to the medium that lies within us and recognise the signs that heaven is calling.


The science of afterlife encounters

What happens when a person dies? Is it possible to communicate with the spirit of a departed loved one? Are mediums genuine? I’ve been trying to answer these questions in my paranormal books and encyclopaedias for over twenty years, most prominently in my best- seller, The Afterlife is Real, and my last book, Heaven Called My Name, but until a year ago I never mentioned the issue of whether there was any real science or proof. I have had multiple stories from my readers over the years, but I simply didn’t know if there was any research to support that anecdotal evidence. I now know that the science is out there – we just aren’t hearing enough about it.

My journey from promoting a simple message of belief in paranormal experiences to pointing my readers in the direction of genuine science began when parapsychologist Dr Cal Cooper, senior lecturer at the University of Northampton, got in touch asking if I could contribute reader stories (I get sent thousands) to his PhD research database. Dr Cooper is studying bereavement and afterlife experiences, as well as dreams about departed loved ones. The conclusion he has drawn is that in approximately 85 per cent of cases those who experience afterlife signs are better able to manage their grief. This was something I knew already from the stories my readers send to me. I’ve also experienced for myself and seen the comfort afterlife encounters, signs, dreams and experiences provide for my readers.

But what about actual scientific proof of survival?

Dr Cooper’s study demonstrates the positive effects of afterlife communication and shows it is being taken seriously by the academic community, but his research doesn’t offer scientific proof of communication from the other side in the same way that the Windbridge Institute is committed to providing. In partnership with IONS, the Windbridge Institute is rigorously studying the accuracy of the information reported by mediums.

I was fortunate enough to get an opportunity to interview lead Windbridge researcher Dr Julie Beischel for my blog and last book, Heaven Called My Name. Dr Beischel forfeited a potentially lucrative career in the pharmaceutical industry to pursue scientific research of consciousness with mediums full time. She dreams of scientifically approved mediums working with the bereaved to ease the excruciating pain of grief. I share that dream and was delighted when she agreed to contribute to this book.

As with all research, more work needs to be done, but promising data collected by IONS and Windbridge under blind conditions demonstrates that some mediums (there will always be frauds out there) can report accurate or detailed information about a deceased person without any previous knowledge of that person or about the sitter. All possibility of cold reading is removed. (Telepathy could be an explanation, but that phenomenon is equally compelling – and another book, perhaps, as countless stories are sent to me about that too.) One standout study, published by IONS and Windbridge in 2015, involved fifty- eight readings from twenty mediums and provides perhaps the strongest evidence yet for anomalous information reception by mediums.

Further information:

Answers from Heaven: Incredible True Stories of Heavenly Encounters and the Afterlife 

Answers from Heaven will be an authoritative, modern up to date classic book about afterlife communication.

Through true life stories of ordinary people who have had paranormal experiences, bestselling author Theresa Cheung and medium Claire Broad will show the various different ways that heaven is trying to answer our prayers, offer us comfort and provide proof of survival.

Chapters include:
1. Messages from the other side
2. Dreams from heaven
3. Living and loving creatures in spirit
4. Love from above
5. Heaven is calling
6. Conversations from Spirit
7. Answers from higher realms
8. Is anybody there?
9. Your own answers from heaven.

By the end it is hoped that readers will have lost some of their fear of death, be more aware of when the spirit world is trying to contact them, have greater awareness of the scientific research available, understand that mediumship is an expression of eternal love and nothing to be feared and that it’s possible for us all to ask questions and receive answers from the world of spirit.


Theresa Cheung was born into a family of spiritualists and has a Masters in Theology and English from King’s College, Cambridge. She has sold almost half a million books and encyclopaedias about the psychic world, the afterlife and personal transformation over twenty years. Her spiritual books Heaven Called My Name (Piatkus 2016) and An Angel Healed Me (Simon & Schuster 2010) became Sunday Times Top 10 bestsellers and have been translated into thirty languages.

For more information please visit or follow her on Facebook @TheresaCheungAuthor

Claire Broad is an Institute of Spiritualist Mediums Registered and Approved Medium with over twenty years professional experience providing private sittings, public speaking and workshops. She is an experienced guest speaker who has contributed to many spiritual awareness events and has read for an eclectic mix of clients, including those from the scientific and medical communities. Before Mediumship, Claire worked in advertising and entertainment at several major firms including The Walt Disney Company Ltd. She lives in Hampshire with her family. or follow her on Facebook @mediumclairebroad

Claire Broad, Sunday Mirror (preferred)
Claire Broad

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