An Unquiet Ghost
An Unquiet Ghost by Linda Stratmann

Brighton, 1871.

Mina Scarletti is becoming well known for unmasking fraudulent psychics. So it is no surprise to her when a young couple write to her seeking her advice.

George Fernwood and Mary Clifton, betrothed distant cousins, have a family secret that is preventing them from getting married. Twenty years ago, their alcoholic grandfather died in his bed and since then rumours have been circulating that someone in the family murdered him.

Desperate to find out the truth, they have decided to seek out a medium to communicate with their grandfather, and they want Mina to help them find one who is genuine.

Though she is not a believer in ghosts, Mina is intrigued by the family mystery and decides to help them in any way she can.

Could one of the new mediums advertising in Brighton really be genuine? Will they help George and Mary find the answers they are looking for?

Or will this Unquiet Ghost ruin the chance of happiness for future generations …?

Guest Post:

Mina Scarletti, Ghost Hunter by Linda Stratmann

The Mina Scarletti books are set in 1870s Brighton, a time when spirit mediums were all the rage, and hardly any investigation had been carried out into their activities. It was a glorious opportunity for charlatans with some conjuring skills to make a living and sometimes a small fortune, out of the curiosity and grief of others.
Mina Scarletti is determined to be no-one’s fool and never an object of pity. She is 4ft 8” tall, her body twisted by scoliosis. Told that she must never marry and have children, she decides to make as much of her life as she can, and when she is not writing ghost stories she takes a mischievous pleasure in exposing fraudsters who try to fleece vulnerable people.
Her enquiries will take her to seances where apparitions glow in the dark, tables rise in the air and fresh flowers appear from nowhere. The magician’s art will demonstrate how a disembodied hand can write messages from the spirits, and chalk predictions on sealed slates. Mina will reveal a scandal in the Royal Pavilion with the assistance of a chess automaton, and in her most recent adventure she will solve a 20 year old murder.
There are upsets in her own family, too; the indiscretions of her wilful sister Enid, and the attempts of Richard her charming scallywag of a brother to make his fortune without actually having to work. She does have valuable friends; the wise Dr Hamid, proprietor of an oriental steam bath, and Nellie, a former conjuror’s assistant who has plenty of tricks up her sleeve; but she also makes a dangerous enemy.
I am currently writing the fourth book in the series in which Mina is asked to investigate a haunted mansion.

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Linda Stratmann
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