Presumed Dead by Mason Cross
Carter Blake Book 5
Review copy

‘What do you know about the Devil Mountain Killer?’


Adeline Connor was the Devil Mountain Killer’s final victim. After she was gunned down, the murderer disappeared and the killing spree ended.


Carter Blake has been hired to do what he does best: to find someone. But this time he’s hunting a dead girl – Adeline Connor’s brother is convinced she’s still alive.

But this town doesn’t want an outsider digging up old business. And as Blake gets deeper into the case, it starts to become clear that the murders didn’t ju st stop fifteen years ago.

The killer is on the hunt again.

My Review:

This is the fifth novel in the Carter Blake series. I must confess that it is the first novel by Mason Cross that I have read. I think the novel can be read as a stand-alone, I thoroughly enjoyed it as such. Carter Blake is different to the usual kind of protagonist I read within the crime fiction genre, as he is much more action based. He is likeable and comes over brilliantly on the page.
Carter Blake gets the job done!

The novel opens in the present day, when Blake attends a funeral at Ravenwood. At the funeral he comes across Lauren Day, she is mother to his old school friend Karen. Karen Day went missing in 1995, after leaving work, she was never seen alive again. Her body was discovered after a storm and the family were able to gain some form of closure. Blake as a young teen was part of the search teams and it has been a case that has always stayed with him. Lauren informs him, that she now runs the Missing Foundation, to help other families in their search for truth and justice. Lauren asks Blake to look into a case for her. . .

“He says he saw his sister. Alive” – Lauren

The case in question has ties to the Devil Mountain killer. A serial killer in NEC Georgia that murdered nine victim’s execution style. The crimes took place between Aug 2002 – Oct 2003. There were five male victims and four female victims. The victim in question, is Adeline her body was never discovered but she was declared dead. Her murder was tied to the case, when the killings ceased. Lauren pleads with Blake to meet with her brother David Connor and offer his expertise.

Blake establishes contact with David Connor and a meeting is scheduled. Blake makes his way to Lake Bathany the nearest town to Devil’s Mountain. He hopes to establish contact with the local Sheriff’s department and solve the mystery once and for all. Is Adeline dead or alive? Who is the mysterious woman David saw?

The rural location is described brilliantly, and the author really sets the scene, of the small town where the plot will take place. However, once Blake arrives it is not to any form of welcome. The local police are hostile and dismissive of Blake and David. It would appear the town would rather David left, so they could all move on.
But what does David have, to move on to?

Deputy Isabella Green and Deputy Haycox are wary of the newcomer to town. But they both have a vested interest in the Devil’s Mountain Killer case. So, over time they become more intrigued by his presence in their town.

‘Small towns have long memories’

Blake meanwhile is finding nothing but dead ends and old leads. Even David’s description of seeing his sister is doubtful. How can he be so sure?

‘Adeline Connor was dead and gone. So why did her brother think he had seen her alive and well in downtown Atlanta’ – Blake

This novel is jam packed with secrets, suspicion and mystery. There are twists and turns galore! The action-packed ending was so cleverly constructed, it may leave some fans of crime fiction on the fence. But this little crime fiction addict LOVED it! 4*

Mason Cross

Presumed Dead is released today!

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