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The Woman In The Woods by John Connolly
My Own copy from my tbr Pile

The new thrilling instalment of John Connolly’s popular Charlie Parker series.

It is spring, and the semi-preserved body of a young Jewish woman is discovered buried in the Maine woods. It is clear that she gave birth shortly before her death.

But there is no sign of a baby.

Private detective Charlie Parker is engaged by the lawyer Moxie Castin to shadow the police investigation and find the infant, but Parker is not the only searcher. Someone else is following the trail left by the woman, someone with an interest in more than a missing child, someone prepared to leave bodies in his wake.

And in a house by the woods, a toy telephone begins to ring.

For a young boy is about to receive a call from a dead woman . . .

My review:

I absolutely adored this subtlety sinister crime fiction novel. I particularly enjoy the supernatural themes, that run throughout the series and are utterly menacing. For me, it is the perfect blend of crime fiction and horror and Charlie Parker is the perfect protagonist to guide you through the pages.

The novel opens with Angel recovering from surgery for stage 2 colon cancer. So, Parker is one wingman down. This doesn’t impact the plot unravelling and throughout we receive regular updates on Angel. Although ironically given his name, he seems to fear death or the impact his death may have upon others.

The novel then jumps to the perspective of a little boy. Daniel Weaver is just 5yrs old and lives with his mother Holly and grandfather. His mother reads him Grimm’s fairy tales, in particular Woman In The Woods. We become aware that he has a violent and horrific father, but this is not elaborated on, until much further in the novel.
Needless to say, you become protective of Daniel.

We then meet Leila Patton a waitress at a local diner in Cadillac, Indiana. She has been working at Dobey’s diner for some time. She loves her job and the staff. But hates the town itself and if it wasn’t for her terminally ill mother, she’d be long gone! She dreams of the day she can finally escape.

Late one night, after closing time at Dobey’s two strange characters enter. They seek a young woman named Karis Lamb. A woman Dobey hasn’t seen for 5yrs. Over the course of the evening we become more aware of Karis’s background.

‘What some men do to women makes me ashamed of my sex’ – Dobey

We learn that Dobey first met Karis when she was 8 months pregnant and fleeing a crazed man, with a violent streak named Vernay. Dobey’s over time has become a sanctuary for women in need and runs on a discreet basis. Vernay controlled Karis with making threats against her mother and sister but that after their death in a car accident; Karis finally had the strength to flee. . .

‘She was running from the devil himself’

The strange characters Quayle and Pallida Mors seek to find Karis and something she holds dear. But is it the child they seek?

Meanwhile, Daniel hears a toy phone (with no batteries) ring. He answers the call to a mysterious lady named Karis. . . .


In Maine a body has been discovered, female remains that had give birth recently. But there are no signs of a baby. The grave site is marked with the star of David and it is this that urges Mozie (Parker’s lawyer) to have Parker shadow the case.

‘This was not alone woman
This was a mother’

As Holly becomes more concerned for her son Daniel. The remains of the female are exhumed and analysed. Parker gets to work! One thing is for certain Parker fears nothing and no one. No matter what it takes he will unravel the case.

There is a background story of Bobby and Billy Ocean, a pair of redneck racists/homophobes with too much time and money on their hands. Which distracts from the creepy elements of the case.
But when the creepy elements strike they really are eerie!

For the most part of the novel Parker has to gain the trust of females who have been repeatedly victimised and brutalised by men.
Can he do it? Can he free the dead woman from the shackles of an unjust death?

The ending leaves you desperate for the next Charlie parker novel 5*

John Connolly

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Anne Bonny #BlogTour #Extract Her hidden Life by @VSAlexander3 V.S. Alexander #ww2Fiction #HistoricalFiction #NewRelease @AvonBooksUK She would risk everything for the man she loves. . .

Her Hidden Life by V.S. Alexander
Her Hidden Life is currently just 99p in the UK on Kindle!
The title was released in the US under a different name – ‘The Taster’.

A forbidden love. A deadly secret.

It’s 1943 and Hitler’s Germany is a terrifying place to be.
But Magda Ritter’s duty is the most dangerous of all…

Assigned to The Berghof, Hitler’s mountain retreat, she must serve the Reich by becoming the Führer’s ‘Taster’ – a woman who checks his food for poison. Magda can see no way out of this hellish existence until she meets Karl, an SS officer who has formed an underground resistance group within Hitler’s inner circle.

As their forbidden love grows, Magda and Karl see an opportunity to stop the atrocities of the madman leading their country. But in doing so, they risk their lives, their families and, above all, a love unlike either of them have ever known…


Karl informed us that Hitler often stayed at the Berghof for only a short time before leaving for another headquarters or hiding place. When Hitler was in residence, a giant Nazi flag flew over the grounds. As it turned out, he wasn’t even at the Berghof for about two weeks in May. I wasn’t sure where he went, but Karl, on the sly, told me it was to the ‘Wolf’s Lair.’ To foil assassination attempts, the Führer kept his travel schedule secret and often switched trains or flights at the last moment or showed up early or late for appointments. He’d used this tactic for years, and it had served him well, particularly since the war broke out.
A rumor circulated that Hitler was holding a reception at the Teahouse for kitchen staff before he left on his next trip. It would be the first time I had a chance to meet the leader of the Reich. I asked Karl about this and he confirmed it was true.

After breakfast the next morning, everyone was in high spirits and anticipation about ‘tea’ with the Führer. A light rain fell, but it did not dampen our gay mood. Cook wanted me to take inventory from the greenhouses and record food items, in addition to my tasting duties, so I was late getting back to my room.

‘Eva has instructed everyone to wear traditional Bavarian garments,’ Cook told me. ‘There will be a costume on your bed.’

‘Why is dressing up so important?’ I asked her.

‘Because Heinrich Hoffmann, Hitler’s personal photographer, is here. He and Eva thought it would be a good opportunity to capture the benevolent spirit of the Führer as he entertains and thanks his staff.’ She chuckled. ‘Eva loves to dress up. That’s really why we’re doing it.’

When I went back to my room, I interrupted Ursula. She was already dressed in her Bavarian costume. I really had no fondness for the hose, petticoats, the flouncy dress and puffy sleeves of the garment. Ursula sat on her bed, sewing her apron. She turned quickly away from me when I entered.

‘You’d better get ready,’ Ursula said, looking back over her shoulder. Her fingers trembled and the needle slipped from her hand.

‘Are you all right?’ I asked. ‘Is there a problem with your apron?’ She shook her head. ‘I’m shaky because I haven’t eaten. I need to get to the kitchen for some food.’ She began sewing again and stitched across the apron’s left pocket.

‘There’s not much to eat now. The staff is preparing lunch, but I wouldn’t be concerned about me getting ready. I’m sure it’ll be after four before we’re called to the Teahouse. We’ve got plenty of time.’ Ursula sighed. ‘Yes, plenty of time.’

She went back to her work as I inspected my dress and its trimmings. ‘I don’t have an apron. Do I need one?’

Her eyes dimmed. ‘I don’t know. You might ask Cook. This one was given specifically to me.’

I stretched out on my bed with a book. ‘The weather is so nasty it’s a good day for reading.’

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