Take Me In by Sabine Durrant
Review Copy

The sensational new thriller from the author of the Richard & Judy bestseller Lie With Me.

A hot beach. A young family on holiday. A fatal moment of inattention…

And now Dave Jepsom is in their lives.

Dave Jepsom, with his muscles, his pale eyes, his expressionless face.

He saved their child. How can they ever repay him? Especially as what he seems to want in return is everything.

He’s in the streets they walk down. He’s at the office where they work. He’s at their front door, leaning on the bell…

If only they could go back. Back to when the lies were still hidden. Before the holiday, before the beach, before the moment that changed everything.

Before Dave.

But it’s never how it starts that matters. It’s always how it ends.

My Review:

I know I really shouldn’t but every so often, I love a creepy stalker type novel. I know they’ll freak me out, yet I can’t resist.
I was instantly intrigued by the synopsis of this novel.

The novel opens on the beach of a Greek Island. Parents Tessa and Marcus are on holiday with their 3yr old son Josh. As Tessa nips to the changing area and Marcus loses focus for a moment, Josh is in danger!

‘I stood there, redundant, helpless, a father without skin, as another man saved his child’ – Marcus

Due to the quick actions of holiday hero Dave Jepsom, Josh is saved. The families then lunch together; and the usual mundane questions are asked. What do you do for a living? Where do you live? Answers given without any real thought of consequences.

Tessa remains angry at Marcus for his failings with Josh and it suddenly becomes very clear, there is a few cracks in this marriage. Upon returning from holiday, those cracks are blown wide open and who Tessa and Marcus really are laid bare for us to read. The mistakes, ugly secrets and inner thoughts, we known it all.
Then Dave starts to appear EVERYWHERE!

‘I wanted suddenly to run away, away from this party, and this man, and his unwanted intrusion into our lives’ – Tessa

Words alone cannot describe how much I truly despised this couple. That being said, it made it even more insanely gripping!
This is not one for readers, who like their characters to have ‘redeeming qualities’. I couldn’t name one thing about Tessa or Marcus I liked. Yet I couldn’t take my eyes from the page and watching their lives unravel.

This novel is really hard to explain, because I truly mean to take nothing away from how GOOD it is and as said above insanely gripping! I actually read this book in 3hrs straight!
But I was internally enjoying their lives falling apart.
I don’t even feel the slightest guilt at this, I know that I perhaps should. But there is something smugly satisfying about watching the lives of ‘perfect people’ implode.
At least they are fictional!

Loathsome characters, but yet, insanely gripping. 4*

Sabine Durrant

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