Anne Bonny #BookReview A Noise Downstairs by @linwood_barclay 5* #CrimeFiction #Mystery #NewRelease @orionbooks @orion_crime ‘The novel is packed with twists and turns, it has an EPIC ending!’

A Noise Downstairs by Linwood Barclay
Review Copy

Paul Davis forgets things – he gets confused, he has sudden panic attacks. But he wasn’t always like this.

Eight months ago, Paul found two dead bodies in the back of a co-worker’s car. He was attacked, left for dead, and has been slowly recovering ever since. His wife tries her best but fears the worst…

Therapy helps during the days, but at night he hears things – impossible things – that no one else can. That nobody else believes. Either he’s losing his mind – or someone wants him to think he is.

Just because he’s paranoid doesn’t mean it’s not happening…

My Review:

A Noise Downstairs, is the new psychological thriller from Linwood Barclay. It is a stand-alone and is insanely gripping! I started reading this alone, late at night by lamp light and it really added to the eerie feeling that is constantly bubbling away under the surface of the novel.

‘There were a lot of sides to Kenneth, and Paul still wasn’t sure he knew all of them’

The novel opens with Paul Davis pulling over to assist work colleague and fellow college professor Kenneth Hoffman, late one night. What Paul isn’t aware of until he steps out of the car, is that there are two bodies in the boot of Kenneth’s car.
Once he discovers the bodies of the two females, Kenneth attacks, leaving Paul for dead. .

‘Then everything went black’

The novel then jumps forward eight months. With Kenneth arrested and in jail. Paul is still making process with his recovery. He begins with therapy with Dr Anna White, we learn he suffers both physical and mental symptoms from the attack. Paul is plagued by headaches and bizarre dreams which cause insomnia. The victim’s Jill Foster and Catherine Lamb; were known to Paul and in some way, he feels responsible.

‘Monsters can be very good at disguising themselves’ –
Dr White

Paul develops an obsession with the crimes Kenneth committed and a deep desire to research and understand the psychology behind his behaviour.
What Paul doesn’t realise at the time, is the dangerous journey this will take him on.

“Was Kenneth evil? Is Kenneth Evil?” – Paul

Through the novel we come to know all the characters personally. Kenneth left behind a devastated wife Gabriella and young son Len. Paul’s girlfriend Charlotte becomes a big part of his journey to getting healthier and taking back control of his life. For their relationship and Paul’s relationship with his young son Josh. Dr Anna White lives with her father, who has dementia and often accidentally interrupts her counselling sessions. She also has a sinister new client named Gavin Hitchins. Gavin enjoys stalking and tormenting his victims, he is in court ordered therapy.
Nothing and no one is what they seem! Everyone feels on edge and I felt on edge as I am introduced to the new characters.

Paul is an English Literature professor, he is on a long-term sick leave from work when he begins his research into Kenneth and his crimes. The media named Kenneth the ‘apology killer’ due to the nature of his crimes. He plead guilty and has been sentenced to life in prison. Yet despite this Paul needs more answers. . .

‘I’m not so sure Kenneth’s head is a place you want to be’ – Charlotte

Charlotte buys Paul a gift, in the form of an old typewriter. Which late at night Paul can hear tap, tap, tap, tapping away!!!!
At first, he assumes he must be hearing things, but then the typewriter begins producing notes. Notes that appear to be from the victims. . .

Is Paul losing his mind? Why would the victims haunt Paul?
What answers do they seek?

I was completely and utterly taken in by this plot. The fear of an inanimate object might sound irrational, in the daytime. But reading alone, late at night I felt scared!
The novel is packed with twists and turns, it has an EPIC ending! Which left me shocked!
Outstanding 5*

*This is the first novel I have read by Linwood Barclay. So, I will be adding his entire back catalogue of novels to my TBR pile.*

Linwood Barclay

Anne Bonny #BlogTour #Extract How Far We fall by @Janeshemilt #CrimeFiction #Psychological #Thriller #NewRelease The perfect marriage. The perfect murder?

How Far We Fall HB jacket
How Far We Fall by Jane Shemilt

We’ve all got secrets. Just how far would you go to keep yours?
The moment Beth first sets eyes on Albie – a brilliant, talented neurosurgeon – she decides he is the man she will marry.
The man she will tie herself to.
The man she will do anything for . . .

But Albie doesn’t know a few things about his new wife.
He doesn’t know that Beth is dying to leave her old life behind, or why.
He doesn’t know about the affair she had with his boss.
He doesn’t even know that the woman he married would do anything to keep his career, their marriage and her secret safe.
Albie is a brilliant husband, but his wife Beth is a brilliant liar . . .


Hampstead Heath
At twilight, London has a fairground glitter.
At this distance, the small streets and rows of
houses fade from view. The graffiti and the gangs, the
drunks and marauders, the foxes at the rubbish bins,
everything vanishes in the dusk. What you see is not
what you get, what you see is less than half of it.
There are women, four of them gathered together
under the trees. They share a joint; light slides along
a silver piercing, highlights the tip of a nose, guilds
They don’t talk much; they don’t need too. The
plans were laid years ago.
It’s a question of timing. It’s a question of life and
death, especially life. What they will save, and who
they won’t. They huddle and whisper; ruin is in the
air. Smoke rises from their mouths.
Their dogs are restive, their wet coats stink. They
pull at their leads, anxious to be off.
Wait, they are told. Your turn will come.
London glitters, a web smudged by weather.

Jane Shemilt

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How Far We Fall blog tour

Anne Bonny #CoverReveal Brothers In Blood by @ameranwar #NewRelease #CrimeFiction #ComingSoon September 2018 @dialoguebooks They’re not bound by family. But a family could tear them apart.

Brothers In Blood by Amer Anwar
Previously titled Western Fringes


A Sikh girl on the run. A Muslim ex-con who has to find her. A whole heap of trouble.

Southall, West London. After being released from prison, Zaq Khan is lucky to land a dead-end job at a builders’ yard. All he wants to do is keep his head down and put the past behind him.

But when Zaq is forced to search for his boss’s runaway daughter, he quickly finds himself caught up in a deadly web of deception, murder and revenge.

With time running out and pressure mounting, can he find the missing girl before it’s too late? And if he does, can he keep her – and himself – alive long enough to deal with the people who want them both dead?

Amer Anwar

Author Bio:
Amer Anwar grew up in West London. After leaving college he had a variety of jobs, including; warehouse assistant, comic book lettering artist, a driver for emergency doctors and chalet rep in the French Alps. He eventually landed a job as a creative artworker/graphic designer and spent the next decade and a half producing artwork, mainly for the home entertainment industry. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Birkbeck, University of London and is a winner of the Crime Writers’ Association Debut Dagger Award. Western Fringes is his first novel. For everything else, he has an alibi. It wasn’t him. He was never there.

Prise for Brothers In Blood:

“An engaging hero, a cunning plot, and a fascinating journey into Southall’s underworld. We’ll be hearing a lot more from Amer Anwar.”
– Mick Herron

“A fine debut novel. With his engaging characters and skilful plotting, Anwar brings a fresh and exciting new voice to the genre.”
– Ann Cleeves

Brothers In Blood released 6th September 2018