The Snow Girls by Chris Mooney
Review Copy

It’s been eleven years since Claire Flynn disappeared – abducted without trace from a snowy hillside, leaving her parents heartbroken.

Investigator Darby McCormick remembers the case. She knows there’s only ever been one suspect, Father Richard Byrne, linked inconclusively to two similar disappearances.

Finally, terminally ill, Byrne is willing to talk. But he’ll only talk to Darby.

She’s expecting a confession – but what she hears is far more disturbing.

And it soon becomes clear that someone is willing to kill to keep this cold case on ice…

My Review:

The novel opens in the crime ridden city of Belham, at the local police station in Boston. Detective Chris Kennedy is in-charge of the investigation but calls in consultant investigator Darby McCormick. The case centres around an 11yr cold case, of missing little girl Claire Flynn. Who was just 6yrs old at the time of her disappearance.
Coincidentally, this was Darby’s first case all those years ago, under veteran cop Detective Atkinson. This time Darby wants justice…

‘That was the thing about hope. It made you believe anything was possible. It made you believe in miracles’

This started off fairly slow-paced, as there was so much information to catch up on. But with the confusing and misleading ‘confessions’ of Father Richard Byrne. The case has so many links back to not only Darby’s past. But a whole host of characters from Belham’s past including police, the Catholic church and the victim’s own family.
Darby must work hard to connect the dots between the past missing girl and the newly disappeared Elizabeth Levenson (10yrs). But can she do it in time?

I loved how this novel dealt with the mind games suspected killers play, the psychology and the cops relentless pursuit of justice. The novel also goes further to explain the unjust justice system we witness so often in life…
“Man with the best lawyer wins, right” ~ Mickey Flynn 

Despite facing an epic case, with dark sadistic roots. Darby must face further taunts from Father Bryne as he reveals information her mother gave in sacred confession! 4*

Chris Mooney

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