The Scent Of Death by Simon Beckett
Review Copy

Synopsis ~

It’s been a good summer for forensics expert Dr David Hunter. His relationship is going well and he’s in demand again as a police consultant. Life is good.

Then a call comes from an old associate: a body has been found, and she’d like Hunter to take a look.

The empty shell of St Jude’s Hospital now stands awaiting demolition, its only visitors society’s outcasts, addicts and dealers. A partially mummified corpse has been discovered in the hospital’s cavernous loft, but not even Hunter can say how long it’s been there. All he knows for sure is that it’s the body of a young woman. And that she was pregnant.

But the collapse of the loft floor reveals another of the hospital’s secrets. A sealed-off chamber, still with beds inside. Some of them occupied…

For Hunter, what began as a straightforward case is about to become a twisted nightmare that threatens everyone around him. And as the investigation springs more surprises, one thing is certain.

St Jude’s hasn’t claimed its last victim . . .

With its viscerally authentic forensics, menacing atmosphere and nerve-shredding tension, Simon Beckett’s new crime thriller will leave you gasping.

My Review ~

‘Death is nothing if not full of surprises’

The novel opens with a team already assembled and accessing the dead body of a heavily pregnant female. The body has been discovered on the derelict ground of an old hospital site (St Jude’s) which is planned for demolition. As the team prepare the body for removal from the site, a floor gives way beneath their feet. Some of the team suddenly find themselves in a sealed room within the hospital previously unseen.
But there are two dead bodies strapped to the beds.

The novel deals with the professional lives of the forensic experts and the police officers involved on the case. There are ties to a local woman often seen on the grounds of the hospital, whom Dr David Hunter makes it his mission to befriend. However, Lola has different ideas about if she wants to be befriended, proving to be quite the battleaxe.
There are rumours and speculation of a hospital ghost – The Grey lady which is buried in ww2 history.

The story is very darks and grisly in parts and actually left me with heart palpitations. The authors descriptive writing done so perfectly. This is a complex case with many twists. Most definitely not for the faint hearted due to the incredibly dark subject matter. 5*

Simon Beckett
Website ~ Which just nearly gave me a heart attack!!!

*Apologies to the author for a late blog review post*

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