The Copycat by Jake Woodhouse
Review Copy

Synopsis ~


Jaap Rykel is on the brink, his dark past driving him to breaking point and ending his police career.

Visiting the station one last time, he stumbles across an investigation into a violent murder.

A murder where the details exactly match a case he solved years earlier.

But that killer was caught – and is still in prison.

Is there a copycat killer on the loose, playing games with Rykel’s fragile mind? Or did he get it wrong, and send an innocent man to prison?

This might be his last chance to make things right, or it could be the blow that finally takes him over the edge . . .

My Review ~

Inspector Jaap Rykel is a controversial police officer. He is recently retired due to a psychotic breakdown. He lives his life suffering flashbacks and within the firm grip of PTSD. When Inspector Arno Jansen contacts him for some assistance regarding a case, eerily similar to one previously worked on by Rykel…

‘Killing just to imitate another murderer indicates a special kind of warped mind’

The present case dealing with the murder of Marianne Kleine, draws comparison to the Lucie Muller case from Rykel’s past. Are the victim’s connected? And what does this mean for Lucie’s convicted murder, currently serving a 30yr prison term?

Lucie Muller’s case was high profile due to the nature of her murder and her father’s position within Dutch society. Her father Judge Muller is a tough and ruthless criminal Judge, taking little pity on  those who end up in his courtroom. When Rykel begins to question his findings in the previous case. He not only questions did Sander Klaasen really commit murder? But was the speed from arrest to conviction just far too easy?

The title is a gritty police procedural dealing with the central theme of Rykel’s guilty conscious and search for redemption. It is a complex case and covers various concerts of Dutch law and political policies. The author cleverly describes (and explains) these aspects as you read along. 4*

Jake Woodhouse


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