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Close Your Eyes by Darren O’Sullivan
Review copy

Close your eyes…and count to ten.

He doesn’t know his name. He doesn’t know his secret.
When Daniel woke up from a coma he had no recollection of the life he lived before. Now, fourteen years later, he’s being forced to remember.

A phone call in the middle of the night demands he return what he stole – but Daniel has no idea what it could be, or who the person on the other end is. He has been given one warning, if he doesn’t find out his family will be murdered.

Rachael needs to protect her son. Trapped with no way out she will do anything to ensure they survive. But sometimes mothers can’t save their children and her only hope is Daniel’s memory.

My Review:

This novel is another one with a short, sharp and snappy synopsis. One that grabs your interest immediately. A coma patient with no memory, no recollection of a life once lived and 14yrs later he must recover those memories.
Get ready for a fast-paced and action-packed read!

The novel opens with Daniel around Christmas time, with his young son Thomas and girlfriend Kate. We learn that Daniel is no longer with the mother of his son (Rachel), but that they retain a good relationship and intend on spending New Year’s Eve together as one big happy family. Daniel has plans to propose to Kate in the new year and everything is optimistic to this point. . .

‘Mum prefers never to speak of the time before the accident’

Slowly we learn that Daniel is having small flashbacks of memory. Nothing major and nothing to really go upon, but he distinctly remembers France and Auvers-Sur-Oise for no specific reason. His mother refuses to help him uncover his memories. But girlfriend Kate does her best and encourages Daniel to attend his therapy sessions.

Then one late night Daniel receives a call that changes everything. They inform Daniel that he stole something, and they want it back. They make threats against his family, violent threats against Thomas and Kate. What becomes most confusing to Daniel is they appear to know everything about him yet call him Michael. Why?
‘You have until Friday’

Daniel is in a sheer panic, he doesn’t know what to do and who to turn too. The person on the phone advised that going to the police would only ensure they end his young son’s life. But what can he do? And who is Michael?

In a moment of fear, he heads to Thomas’s house. He finds Rachel’s partner Sean dead, brutally murdered. With Rachel and Thomas missing. The people who have his son, mean business. Daniel decides enough is enough and realises he is going to have to force his mother to reveal more of his past to him. Starting with his name. . .

The narrative jumps between Daniel, Rachel and Thomas’s perspective. Which is great for the reader, giving you all the angles of the on-going terror. Rachel in captivity does her best to distract her son, from the horror of their situation. Daniel continues to pressure his mother for more information, but what he learns will shake him to the core.

This novel is an interesting spin on a whodunit. An amnesia inspired mystery, that keeps you guessing and constantly questioning Daniel’s behaviour and character. 4*

Darren O’Sullivan

Close Your Eyes is released in Ebook on 5th May,
and is available for pre-order at just £1.99

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