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She Lies In Wait by Gytha Lodge
Review Copy


Six friends. One killer. Who do you trust?

Seven friends went down to the woods, but one of them never came home

30 years later, a body is discovered. DCI Sheens already knows what’s waiting for him – Aurora Jackson, found at last.

They all claim to be innocent, but one of them must be lying.

Because she was found somewhere only they knew about.

Now everyone’s a suspect.

My Review:

She Lies In wait has a complex plot that revolves around a cold case from 1983. The disappearance of Aurora Jackson.
The prologue opens with the discovery of human remains and DCI Jonah Sheens is called in to investigate.
Has there been a murder at Brinken wood?
The body is identified as being a prepubescent female, showing signs of decay and immediately Johan thinks of the Aurora Jackson case. But why that is Johan’s first thought will all be revealed much later. . .

The novel jumps back to the 1983 camping trip which saw Aurora the unwilling tag-along to her big sister Topaz’s trip into the woods. We meet the various characters that were present that day and their internal motives. We also learn what has become of them in their adult lives, via scenes in the modern day.

Aurora’s family is desperate for confirmation/news/updates on the case. With sister Topaz even flying in to be present in town.
I found Topaz quite frustrating in the 1983 scenes. Here is her younger sibling, left at various stages in risky positions. Whilst Topaz seems to have zero regard for her own safety, or that of her younger sibling. I had to agree that although I wouldn’t behave as Topaz did, she played the role of selfish teenager perfectly.

This novel is a classic mystery and whodunit. You as the reader are constantly trying to guess the motives of the various members of the camping trip and their motives in the modern day for remaining silent.
Something happened on that trip and someone knows the truth. . .

There are moments where the novel is slow paced. But it is without a doubt a great start to a new series 4*

Gytha Lodge