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How Far We Fall HB jacket
How Far We Fall by Jane Shemilt

We’ve all got secrets. Just how far would you go to keep yours?
The moment Beth first sets eyes on Albie – a brilliant, talented neurosurgeon – she decides he is the man she will marry.
The man she will tie herself to.
The man she will do anything for . . .

But Albie doesn’t know a few things about his new wife.
He doesn’t know that Beth is dying to leave her old life behind, or why.
He doesn’t know about the affair she had with his boss.
He doesn’t even know that the woman he married would do anything to keep his career, their marriage and her secret safe.
Albie is a brilliant husband, but his wife Beth is a brilliant liar . . .


Hampstead Heath
At twilight, London has a fairground glitter.
At this distance, the small streets and rows of
houses fade from view. The graffiti and the gangs, the
drunks and marauders, the foxes at the rubbish bins,
everything vanishes in the dusk. What you see is not
what you get, what you see is less than half of it.
There are women, four of them gathered together
under the trees. They share a joint; light slides along
a silver piercing, highlights the tip of a nose, guilds
They don’t talk much; they don’t need too. The
plans were laid years ago.
It’s a question of timing. It’s a question of life and
death, especially life. What they will save, and who
they won’t. They huddle and whisper; ruin is in the
air. Smoke rises from their mouths.
Their dogs are restive, their wet coats stink. They
pull at their leads, anxious to be off.
Wait, they are told. Your turn will come.
London glitters, a web smudged by weather.

Jane Shemilt

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