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A Butler Christmas by Rahiem Brooks
Naim Butler, a rainmaker, has perfected the art of sentencing mitigation, as a partner with Manhattan power-firm, Baker and Keefe. He’s the kind of captivating and accomplished man that therapists vent too. His bachelorhood is turned upside down when an old flame, Sinia Love, drops a seventeen-year-old son into his lap forcing him to balance this revelation and his budding romance with Brandy Scott.

Professionally, Naim’s assigned to prove a man’s innocence of murder is filthy work itself, but catastrophic when an envious lover of Sinia Love’s sets out to kill him while hiding amongst the glitterati of Manhattan’s upper crust.

“Brooks’s clunky first Naim Butler contemporary romantic thriller has strong characters…The well-developed relationships among the characters propel the story until the addition of suspense very late in the book…”–Publishers Weekly


Q) For the readers, can you talk us through your background and the synopsis of your new novel?

A) Yes, certainly. I have worked as a legal researcher for a criminal defense attorney, which spawned the idea to cover a topic in a novel that could paint a picture of the current state of the criminal justice system. Naim Butler, the main character, grew up in poverty-stricken Chicago. He escapes that life and heads to New Orleans for college before being recruited by a law firm in New York City. He works as a Sentencing Mitigation Specialists and having the time of his life as a NYC Bachelor. And, then it happens. A child that he created in Chicago seventeen-years earlier drops into his life unexpectedly. Life gets complicated by a son, and his new romance with reporter, Brandy Scott. But he is a strong man that makes it work, although, someone has to die in the process.

Q) Can you talk us through the journey from idea to writing to publication?

A) Writing is fun activity for me. I am a plotter as I need to know what things need to happen to satisfy my readers. I am on book number six, and I know that they will call you out with errors, so I research and try to get things right.

Q) What are your favourite authors and recommended reads?

A) My favorite authors are quite commercial. James Patterson (his actual written novels and the ones stamped with his name) is my favorite author machine. I begin my reading life with Along Came a Spider and I often skim through a copy as a teaching tool of scene setting and plotting. I am a crime fiction lover, so I enjoy John Grisham ( his voice is authentic to the legal thriller) and Sue Grafton.

Q) What were your childhood/teenage favourite reads?

A) I didn’t read much as a team. Like Naim Butler I grew up in poverty, so reading wasn’t high on many people’s list of hobbies. I did read an old encyclopedia set that my grandmother had. She still has it. I like learning new things and that lead me to reading around nineteen.

Q) What has been your favourite moment of being a published author?

A) My favorite moment is being on panels and at conferences. I have a blast kicking it with readers and writers.

Q) Who has been your source of support/encouragement, throughout the writing process?

A) My support comes from my author friends that I regard as colleagues. I can contact them and run ideas by them and they get it. Most people not into books cannot relate to me trying to make believable dialogue in a manuscript. (chuckles)

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Rahiem Brooks
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