Q&A with Hibo Wardere, a true inspiration to women!

Firstly, let me say, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I know you are very busy with your work as a spokeswoman and I really do appreciate your time. I also want to say thank you for your book, it is such an important read and one that is so important for women everywhere. I admire your bravery, courage & passion to protect other women.

Q) After reading such a book, readers will instantly be left with a feeling of ‘what can I do’ ‘how can I help’ is there any organisations, registry’s or a campaign, readers can join to show their support to end the practice of FGM?

A) There are lots of Organisations like. Orchid Project, 28thtoomany , you can also write about it if you are blogger or writer, if you work with families you need to ask to get trained and get knowledge on FGM, You get involved in supporting the work campaigners like me do too , I am on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn,

 Q) In my review I talk about education & the legal system. What do you think are the fundamentals in preventing FGM both in the UK and overseas?

First I do believe knowledge is freedom and I do think communities themselves need to be educated about fgm, we also need to tackle it from the roots of it which going deep into the communities in self, educate men and boys, educate the whole world, enforce the law and educate at the same same both has to go hand in hand

 Q) In your story Yusef is an integral part of you becoming the woman you do. How can we encourage men to follow in his footsteps and support other women & aid the prevention of FGM?

A) Men have massive role to play in this fight, we are damaged beyond words because they were keeping us virgins for them, they need to take responsibility in that, education them is the key to it, they actually don’t have the full facts about FGM. Some even don’t know how vagina should look like

 Q) Huge respect to your bravery & ability to overcome adversity. As I don’t know all the followers of my blog/pages personally. What message would you send to victims effected by FGM & oppression? Where can they get help?

A) Fgm is human issue and women issue is human issue, this is happening to innocent children, children are universal they belong to you and me; children are without Boarders, Race or Religion. This violence that is gender and honour based one, its pure violence against women and girls, its cruel medieval practice that has base in our universe today; it’s deigned to control women and girls sexuality. We were not seen as girls as individual we were seen as possession that belonged to your father now you are going to belong to your future husband, you were invincible that is how I felt. Where was me , when do I ever get to make decision about my life , what is the point to exist , that is how I felt , FGM is heinous cat of crime fight it ,

*huge thanks to Hibo Wardere for being part of a Q&A on my blog.

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Orchid project: https://orchidproject.org/

28thtoomany: http://28toomany.org/