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The Whispering Room by Dean Koontz (#2 in the Jane Hawk series)

It’s either fight, or die…

The second gripping thriller in an exciting new series featuring FBI agent Jane Hawk, from the master of suspense and New York Times No.1 bestselling author.

‘Do what you were born to do’

These are the words that ring in the mind of a beloved teacher as she drives a car full of burning gasoline into a hotel. The police believe she was insane, but rogue FBI agent Jane Hawk knows the truth.

In the wake of many similar inexplicable suicides, including that of her husband, Jane picks up the trail of a secret cabal of formidable players who are bent on obtaining world power.

Now Jane has become an unstoppable predator. Those she is hunting will have nowhere to run when her shadow falls across them.

My Review:

The Whispering Room is the second novel in the Jane Hawk series. The first novel, The Silent corner kicked of the series, to a phenomenal start! I absolutely LOVED the sci-fi twist in a novel in the crime fiction genre. Jane Hawk is a likeable, strong and feisty protagonist.
In the series she refuses to back down, despite being confronted with her darkest fears. . .

‘Cowardice was the default position of the times’

The novel opens with Cora Gunderson, a 40yr old SEN teacher from Minnesota, as she goes about her morning routine. Only this morning, there is the presence of a strange man in her kitchen. Cora has been suffering from migraines lately, she often dreams of fire and has some memory loss. With her current circumstances causing her enough alarm, for her to be documenting her feelings in a journal.

Across the US, ex-FBI agent Jane is preparing to make her move on a journalist. A journalist that had recently written an article on David James Michael aka ‘DJ’ the Silicon Valley billionaire connected to the nanomachine web implants. But Jane has her back against the wall, as she is wanted in connection to several deaths. She is currently listed on the NICI National Crime Information Centre Website, as a fugitive.

‘Killing to save the word – Why is that hard to believe? It’s as old as history’

Jane must also be one step ahead of the individuals she investigates. Everything she has uncovered points to their ruthless and depraved actions and disregard for the law. These individuals are wealthy, powerful and well-connected.

As Cora finishes her morning routine, she prepares for the act before her. by the end of the morning, she will have driven a vehicle engulfed in flames into the Veblen hotel. The fire will leave a substantial death toll and a devastated community. But was it all pre-arranged? Or was Cora mentally ill and hearing the voice of god? Sheriff Luther Tillman is the local police officer frozen out of the investigation. But having personally known Cora, it is a case he can not let go.

Meanwhile Jane is learning more about Lawrence and his involvement with the people she fears are leading the nanomachine project. She also learns he has scrupulous ties to his own wife’s death just a year earlier. Everything Jane learns fuels her desire for revenge and wish to see justice brought to those involved. Using mysterious contacts given to her by the hacker. She must navigate a criminal world, staying under the radar of law enforcement.

‘If her loathing were a poison, they would all be dead’

The lengths the powerful people will go to, to control the free will of others, is truly dark and depraved. In the last novel we learnt of the club Aspasia, where young women have their personalities and memories wiped to ensure they are the perfect sex slave. The club boasts of offering women, who will give complete and utter submission. There are no lengths this organisation won’t go to, to get what they want.

‘Hell had several levels’

Sheriff Luther Tillman continues to discreetly investigate Cora’s actions. What Cora did goes against everything he has ever known. He locates the journals, just before a fire breaks out at Cora’s house and all other evidence is lots. What he discovers, is a series of comments, repeated over and over again. ‘I’ve got ice in my veins’ and talk of a spider in her head laying eggs. Was Cora suffering a mental health breakdown? Or do these phrases offer a clue to her suffering? With the death of a governor and congressman among the dead, Luther has no access to the evidence.
Just the journals and a good old fashioned hunch. . .

‘Taking refuge in the hopeless nature of anything was just a form of cowardice’

Jane follows the clues determined to gather the knowledge needed to penetrate DJ’s security at his personal residence in San Francisco. She comes across clues leading her to the mysterious location of Iron Furnace. With information of a place called ‘the whispering room’ but what does it all mean? And how is it all connected?
‘The early bird doesn’t just get the worm; he gets the worm’s entire family’
Luther follows the trail of a conference recently attended by Cora. Shortly before her symptoms developed. A conference held in the small town of Iron Furnace. . .

‘Play Manchurian with me’

This series is fantastic! It is extremely dark in places yet has a complex and well-planned plot. It has the action scenes of a movie or TV series. With Jane our protagonist hero, on a selfless mission to take down the powerful elite. 5*

I cannot wait to read the next in the series, which is titled The Crooked Staircase.

Dean Koontz

Cover 1
The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz (#1 in the Jane Hawk series)
My Review
‘I very much need to be dead’

These are the chilling words left by a man who had everything to live for but took his own life. Now his widow, FBI agent Jane Hawk, is determined to learn the truth, no matter what.

People of talent, seemingly happy and sound of mind, have recently been committing suicide in surprising numbers. Jane will give up everything to find out why.

Her enemies are devoted enough to exterminate anyone in their way. But Jane is driven by a righteous rage they can never comprehend. Because it is born of love.

Coming soon. . . .
Cover 3
The Crooked Staircase by Dean Koontz (#3 in the Jane Hawk series)
Due for release in the UK on 14th June 2018
‘I could be dead tomorrow. Or something worse than dead’

Rogue FBI agent Jane Hawk knows she’s living on borrowed time. But as long as she’s breathing, she’ll never cease her one-woman war against the terrifying conspiracy that threatens the freedom – and free will – of millions.

Battling the mysterious epidemic of murder-suicides that claimed Jane’s husband has made Jane a wanted fugitive, hunted relentlessly by the secret cabal behind the plot. They are determined to see her dead . . . or make her wish she was.

Propelled by her righteous fury, Jane will confront head-on the lethal forces arrayed against her. But nothing can prepare her for the chilling truth that awaits when she descends the crooked staircase to the dark and dreadful place where her long nightmare was born.

#Review The Silent Corner by @deankoontz 5* Genius @HarperCollinsUk @fictionpubteam

The Silent Corner by Dean Koontz

‘I very much need to be dead’

These are the chilling words left by a man who had everything to live for but took his own life. Now his widow, FBI agent Jane Hawk, is determined to learn the truth, no matter what.

People of talent, seemingly happy and sound of mind, have recently been committing suicide in surprising numbers. Jane will give up everything to find out why.

Her enemies are devoted enough to exterminate anyone in their way. But Jane is driven by a righteous rage they can never comprehend. Because it is born of love.

My review:

This novel is absolutely AMAZING! I was completely absorbed in the plot and when I reached the end, was so glad I had already bought the next in the series! The novel centres around protagonist Jane Hawk. She is feisty, strong and seeking revenge! I loved her character, almost instantly and as she developed throughout the story even more! Most definitely a #FanGirl of Jane Hawk! There are a wealth of intriguing and also some frightening characters. Not to mention the clever, deeply layered plot!
This novel is action packed and EPIC!

The novel opens with the major news story of a plane crash in Philadelphia. Jane is seemingly living off the grid, but we are unaware as to why. She meets with Gwyneth Lambert, a fellow marine wife and now widow. They share the stories of their husband’s suicides and each is left baffled as to why it happened? There were no signs, no depression and no logical reasoning for the men to have committed suicide.

We then learn the extra bit of depth behind Jane’s character. She is an FBI agent, specialising in mass murders and serial killers. She is currently on a leave of absence, due to the death of her, very much loved and missed husband Nick, four months ago. Nick was a Colonel in the US military, his suicide occurred one night as they prepared for their evening meal. Nick left a bizarre note, which left Jane with more suspicions…….

‘Something is wrong with me. I need. I very much need. I very much need to be dead.’

This note led Jane to begin to investigate the rise in the US suicide rate. It is currently higher than it has ever been. But why? What is causing US citizens to suddenly commit suicide on a mass scale? She investigates symptoms the people displayed prior to death. Such as vertigo, strange intense dreams, tremors of mouth and a biter taste. The symptoms vary person to person, but Jane is determined to find a link.

So far, Jane has interviewed and investigated 22 deaths. The people used various methods gun shot, drug overdose and hanging etc. Jane begins to believe there is a link possible via a cerebral implant. The type paraplegic’s use to operate prosthetic limbs. Her research leads her to the Gernsback Institute and some elite individuals. With no FBI resources to use, due to her fear of government involvement or links to government officials. She has to navigate a world of criminality. A world she knows well, from an apprehension perspective.

‘Not all cops were on the side of the righteous’

Jane moves on and interviews Sidney, his wife Eileen (Leenie) hung herself. Jane learns Eileen also left a riddle like, suicide note and that she needs help to decipher what these notes mean…

“Sweet Sayso says he’s lonely all these years, why did leenie stope needing him, he was always there for Leenie, now I need to be there for him” – Eileen’s note

She decides to take the notes to Dr Moshe Steintz, a retired forensic psychiatrist. But not before she makes a special trip…..

Her trip involves a visit to see her son Travis. A son Jane has had to hide. Travis is 5yr old and unaware of his mother’s investigation. It is during this visit that the reader learns the horrifying truth, of why Travis lives in hiding. The sinister Mr Droog, the threats to Jane, her son and why she must adapt an off the grid lifestyle! It makes for shocking reading!!!!!! As a mother the separation from her son, is heart-breaking to read. I admired her courage and determination for justice.

‘She had nothing to live for now except vengeance and this precious boy. She would revel in the vengeance, but if she died for either cause, the only good death would be to die for him’

Whoever is after Jane has clear connections and extreme wealth. She is a lone woman, trying to investigate an epidemic that has swept the US. One thing is for certain Jane, needs some help!
Moshe is able to provide an insight into the copies of the suicide notes. They debate a range of theories. Can dreams be programmed? Is this a case of hypnotism? Moshe continues to state that each individual referred to an ‘altered state of mind’ that perhaps some truth lies in their psychology. But gives a stark warning to Jane….

“A person driven by obsession may not have the patience, the prudence, or even the fullest clarity of mind to investigate such a byzantine conspiracy with any success” – Moshe

Jane’s past career and cases are interwoven into her experiences living off the grid. We learn how her training has led her to be prepared for this investigation. She can read a situation/scene with the mind of a profiler. She has the physical training necessary to overcome adversaries. But mentally she is unprepared for the darkness this investigation will bring into her own life. The darkness she will witness first hand and the evil that roams amongst us!

Jane’s use of a hacker, enables her to access the coroner reports. It also gives her untraced access to some of the wealthy elite with links to the case. Then one route of investigation leads to a sentence that changes everything ‘Bertold Shenneck appears to have a deeply concealed interest in a dark web operation that may or may not be a weird brothel’. The dark website is called Aspasia. But what does it mean? Where is the physical location? What takes place there? How is this linked to the possibility of a psychological control?

Although I have provided quite a lengthy review. Believe me, I have barely scraped the surface! This novel is so deeply layered and cleverly put together, it is pure genius!
It kept me gripped for the entire read! It is action packed, with some highly memorable scenes. Some are truly frightening! It kept me guessing, as to where each lead would go!
It is based around a conspiracy theory, but it is so detailed and intricate. I am amazed at the skill of the writer! I already have the next the series, The Whispering Room and CANNOT wait to read how this story develops further!
5* Genius

Dean Koontz 
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